Thursday, August 5, 2010

Using GPS with Google Maps

Your phone can pinpoint your exact position with its integrated GPS receiver. When you use the GPS with Google Maps you can view your current location on the map of surrounding area and get directions to places of interest. To use the GPS, you must have a clear view of the sky. To use Google Maps, your phone must be connected to the Internet.

Activate the GPS in Google Maps

  1. Press Start > Google Maps.
  2. If this is your first use of Google Maps, click on the link to view the Terms of mobile service, then press Accept. At the next screen, press OK.
  3. On the main screen of Google Maps, press Menu > Use GPS.
Your phone starts searching for signals from GPS satellites. When your position is found, it is indicated by a blue dot with an arrow.

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Get driving directions from your current location to a place of interest

  1. On the main screen of Google Maps, press Menu > Directions.
  2. Press one of the tabs to select whether you want to drive, take public transportation or walk to your destination. If you press tab to public transport (or transport), you can set the time of departure or arrival for your trip or find the latest schedule available today.
    Google Maps - obtenir un itinéraire
  3. Press the starting point, and do one of the following:
    • Enter the address or the name of the place where you want to go, for example, the Louvre Museum.
    • Press Select a point on the map, then press and hold your destination on the map.
  4. Press Display route or routes View (Travel Show) to search and get directions to your destination. If multiple search results, select the one you want.
  5. To see the route to your destination on the map, press View map. Press the left or right arrows to move through the route.
  6. Travel to your destination using the markers of your location and destination as guides. As and when you move, the blue dot moves along the map, constantly displaying your current position.
When you reach your destination, you can delete the planned route by pressing Menu > Delete plan. To conserve battery power, leaving the Google Maps when you have finished using it.

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  1. How to share GPS data using TCP/IP, UDP, Bluetooth or COM ports... any idea?