Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gang War 2 vs. Mob Wars on Facebook

I was an absolute fan of Gang Wars Facebook . But since I discovered Mob Wars Facebook, I must confess I completely change my tack !
But I really invested much time and energy Wars Gang and I went up to calculate and implement strategies to win more every time!
But what really made me get it the immobility of the creators of GDG . Worse every time they change the rules without telling the players !
So I stopped at 60 !
182 I Street corner , 255 stores , 196 Internet cafe, 222 Club Sport , 202 Bars, 194 Restaurants , 225 Nightclub , 242 Massage Salon , 333 hotels , 344 Casinos ...
But honestly my heart is more.

With Mob Wars , although the same principle , it is much richer and more subtle! I like serious Mob Wars!

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  1. I fought with 50% more weapons than my enemy and i would still ... OK, well the best strategy is one i have discovered....