Saturday, August 14, 2010

Docs : convert multiple PDF files

Do you know that you can use Google Docs to convert multiple documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OpenOffice to PDF ? In fact , Google Docs has long permitted the conversion to PDF . However , Google 's office suite offers two new features that allow the simultaneous conversion of multiple documents .
So you have a dozen documents to be converted to PDF . Firstly , go to Google Docs and click on the button " Import " . It is located below the logo of Google Docs.
On this page you will find the link " Select files to import. " This new feature allows you to select multiple files to be uploaded to Google Docs.
Once you upload your completed files , return to the homepage of Google Docs. Select the documents you want to convert by ticking the box to the left of the star tracking .
To export your documents to PDF , choose " More Actions " - " Export ... ". It 'll just choose the PDF format and press " Continue " . A few seconds later you will get a zip file containing all your PDF documents.

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