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Cydia apps for iphone 4

After the jailbreak, you'll have a new application on your iPhone: Cydia. She opens the door to hundreds of critical applications, themes, ringtones, games and lots of other things. Here I will try to explain how to get Cydia maximum. If you have further questions, leave us a comment.

First, At first launch Cydia, you can choose the type of interface you want. Press User (Graphical Only) :

If there are critical updates, press Essential Software. Wait for the setup and make Return to Cydia once it's done. The important parts of Cydia, Cydia at the bottom, you'll see these tabs:  Home : the homepage. You will feel every time you launch Cydia. Sections : the directory of categorized applications. Changes : You will find the new updates of applications and if there is a critical update, the number will be displayed on this tab. In the screenshot below, there is a significant update. This is indicated by the number 1 on Changes. To install it, I press down Cydia Changes> Upgrade(top right): Then click Confirm :The installation is in progress:
And finally, I press the big button Return to Cydia bottom of the screen: Manage : to add source url, manage applications installed with Cydia or see the space you have on your iPhone. To do this, go to Manage > Storage.You can then see the remaining space (Free) and the space occupied (Used) by your applications, music, themes, etc.. : Search : To search for an application, theme, tone, etc.. When you access the Search tab from the bottom of Cydia, you will see a bar at the top of your search screen. Inside it says Package Names and Descriptions.To search, press the search bar and enter the name of the application / theme / ringtones as you wish.You can then make your choice from the list of results by clicking on the desired item to select:You can download a free 99% of things available on Cydia. Pay For applications installed, it is only launching the application or after a certain period of time it will ask if you want to buy. A result, none of what you download / install Cydia you will not be charged without your consent. It's not like iTunes where you are charged an application once you have chosen to install it (if not for free).
Installing an application on Cydia in grosso modo-
Installing an application on Cydia is to select it (by pressing it). Next, press Install, then click Confirm appearing each time in the top right of your screen. Wait for the setup where a progress bar will indicate its progress. At the end of the installation, a large button Return to Cydia, reboot or ReSpring appear at the bottom of your screen, press it to complete the installation.The best place to download your applications on Cydia. The best apps on Cydia are in Home> Featured Packages. Simply choose the application you want. List of Featured Packages is updated frequently, so visit from time to time to see if there are additions.

more applications, themes, ringtones, etc. on Cydia. If you need a wider range of applications, themes, ringtones, etc.. go to sections where you can browse by category. Here are the most important categories which you will need on Cydia:
Games > for games
Ringtones > for ringtones
System > for applications (most can be regarded as utilities) that add functionality to the iPhone as a backup of your iPhone or use an application in the background.
Themes (Complete) > for themes
Wallpaper > wallpapers

If the list of applications proposed in sections is not sufficient, you can access the downloads offered by many sites and individuals by adding sources that basically say to Cydia when its applications are hosted. By adding a source to Cydia, you will have access to all applications / themes / ringtones / etc. proposed by this source. Once the source added to Cydia, applications / themes / ringtones / etc. it proposes are automatically added and classified sections.

How to install the best sources on Cydia:

Go Home> More Package Sources

A listing of the best sources will be presented. Press the source you like to select:
d├ębuter avec Cydia
Press Install(top right):

Press Confirm(top right):

Wait for the setup:

To complete the installation of the source, press Return to Cydia :

You can also manually add a source if it is not proposed in the list More Package Sources. To do this, go to Manage> Sources :

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPhone 4 (Full Body)

Premium Soft Silicone Gel Skin for Apple iPhone4, 4th Generation, 4th Gen, Black

The first HD video recorded with the iPhone 4

Apple has just put online a video of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was unique in that it has been registered with the iPhone 4.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kindle DX : The great e-book from Amazon

Amazon has started and built much of its success on the sale of books , and it is to shape the digital giant continues its adventure. Jeff Bezos , boss unveiled the third generation of Kindle , the tablet can download and store books in digital format and restore them on a black screen and white very good . 275,000 books are now available in this form. At the last count made by Amazon, the books available in two formats were sold at 35 % in their version of Kindle.
The Kindle 3 follows by three months the release of his elder , it was stripped of its forms, it looks like in some respects to a ( very) Wholesale iPod touch. The new "Kindle DX" upmarket and up in size, it is beyond the scope of books to sneak into the hands of readers daily news and backpacks of students filled with thick textbooks. One size XL made in necessary to view better conditions than the first two Kindle news articles or discussion with their lots of graphs , maps , diagrams, pictures and (probably eventually) advertising .

The DX is 2.5 times larger than the Kindle 2 , it still incorporates a keyboard base . It weighs 535 grams and has dimensions of 26.4 x18 , 3x0, 96 cm. Its 9.7 -inch screen (not touch) displays a definition of 1200x824 pixels at 150 dpi and 16 levels of gray . It can display the content in both portrait and landscape with a simple gesture ( it contains an accelerometer as the iPhone) . These more spacious dimensions also limit the actions of zoom or scrolling to every turn .

The storage capacity is 4 GB (3.3 GB actual ) an average of 3500 contained many and varied . Autonomy is announced in four days with the 3G connection enabled (or two weeks without it ). The USB connection to a Mac or PC is optional but can be used to recharge the tablet .

The formats are read PDF , TXT , HTML, DOC , RTF , but also MP3, Audible , and other audio format JPEG , GIF or PNG ... The texts are read aloud by the Kindle and a headphone jack will isolate themselves. The reader will have ample opportunity to annotate the text using the integrated keyboard. Access to Wikipedia is possible for a dedicated browser and a dictionary is present.

Finally , no Wi - Fi network to download books (there is about 1 minute) but a 3G connection that makes the unit completely independent of a computer . Amazon has nevertheless provided the case of use coupled with the iPhone. The latter has the App Store an application compatible with the Kindle eBook (Stanza, bought in late April ). Both devices will be synchronized so that the owner found on one or another of its devices picks up where he left off .

Price ? Not less than $ 489 (367 € ) , and at that price the 3G connection is supported by Amazon . So no need to subscribe to specific wireless communications . No word on a European release , this new model will arrive in the U.S. later this summer. Amazon shows all angles a video.

Pilot Programs
Five universities will start a pilot program in September by equipping students with some of the DX and observe their use compared to traditional textbooks . Three dailies will also participate in a scattering experiment in the camera, the New York Times, Washington Post and The Boston Globe " We will offer subscriptions to Kindle where our print editions are not distributed , "explained Chairman of New York Times . The paper is already available for download for $ 9.99 per month (7.5 € ) , several of his competitors are also available at prices higher or lower . The books are sold for their $ 9.99 share.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Upload pictures from iphone to social network

Since June 24, when my phone has become an iPhone, I'm almost all the time connected. So I took the opportunity to put some order in my digital life and social networks that I use: my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. These networks allow me to stay in touch with my relatives, and professional relationships throughout the world, or to tell "my life", or buzzer and to round up the crowds to my blog , or more futilely, to publish my photos taken with my iPhone.

To best manage my various communities, I reorganized my social networks, both to disseminate useful information and useless to everyone, to manage my personal and professional life, and finally to manage my time, because there is a another life outside the web. I also want to keep the fun and professional side in the use I make of my blog, Twitter or Facebook. After the umpteenth reorganization, including the use of Facebook: private, not private, pro, not pro, private, pro, I think I have found a use that suits me and will allow me to share with all as we love do.

My blog is my main social network is space on the internet that takes me more time and that also brings me the most satisfaction. In recent days I made some alterations. I especially enhanced by placing the communal aspect of the buttons so you can easily share my posts on Twitter or Facebook. I spent the comments.
I use it sparingly and this network is public, with a small number of followers who gradually grows with increasing exchanges between many twitteurs. It is also one of my favorite sources of reading when I'm in a queue, since my iPhone.

So far, I made a moderate use my Facebook account, the majority of my publications are made automatically from my Twitter messages. I have often hesitated between personal and professional contacts in this space. Now, I reserve my Facebook account just to my friends, my family or acquaintances found. So I deleted the few contacts that I had proposed. The reason is simple, weekend or holiday, it is a great way to keep in touch with my family via my iPhone, on the walls or by mail. Sorry for so few people that I removed, we find ourselves on other networks.

I have a Pro account, and I use Flickr to store all of my photos, even if I'm late. My photos are published privately or publicly. As I want to preserve my privacy, 99% of images are accessible only my family. This is not the space that I wanted to give preference to publish my photos publicly.

A good balance between public and private sectors on the Net

With this new organization of my main social networks, I think I found the right balance between privacy and public life. It remains my account Viadeo, which I still have not found the utility space and my YouTube, little used now. With my iPhone 4 camcorder and a future, it should become more consistent.

A website that features the most fun on an iPhone: the ability to take a picture and instantly publish on the Internet. In most cases, these are trivial things, or are funny rant, but always fun to share. In recent weeks, I fumbled to find the most effective way to publish these pictures online. I wanted it to be fast and that I can distribute these photos to my communities: Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. I hesitated for a publication on my blog, but finally I found it too pollute this space for an intake hearing ridiculous. I did not want to use spaces covered with ads as Twipic, the layout very poor and not personalized. Finally, I opted for a mini blog on Posterous. This service is very simple to configure, it is customizable and especially he knows interact with many other online services.

Posterous allows me to post photos from my iPhone, via Twitter, very quickly. These photos are arranged chronologically with a nice layout of the mini Posterous blog. Then, Posterous automatically publish my photos on Facebook and Flickr (for the public).
Advertising on Facebook allows you to place all my photos from my photos "Facebook". The association was not required because all my Twitter posts are published on my wall. It just makes it to my friends, more comfortable with the photo section, find and comment on my photos.
Why publish these photos on my Flickr account, because ultimately they are often futile? Firstly, because some of my relatives are not on Facebook and prefer the photos on Flickr. Then, these photos are a slice of life, it can be fun to find them in a few years, they are attached to a story or a memory. On my Flickr account, I can store those photos in albums and possibly get on my computer via blukr.
In the end, what may seem a gas plant is fully transparent to my readers, whether on Posterous, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. Everything is automated, just a message on Twitter via my iPhone, to feed the four spaces on the web. All pictures are available, depending on the community in one place and easy to react.
I invite you to regularly consult my gallery of "slices of life in pictures" on Posterous or simply subscribe to my Twitter for real-time monitoring my shoots from my iPhone.


Google Maps 4.0 provides the voice search on BlackBerry

The latest update of the mapping service gives research RIM smartphone voice message includes the location of Buzz and search suggestions based on browsing history.

Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry is now available for download. Its main innovation is the search for votes. The service currently operates only in English (several accents recognized) and Mandarin Chinese.

Once Google Maps launched, simply press the call button on his Blackberry and then state the name of a place or an address to launch a map search.

Another novelty is the integration of Google Buzz. With geolocation, service members can see their networking contacts on a card and indicate their own position.

As Maps for Android, the BlackBerry version also offers search suggestions based on your history. This requires allowing this function in the settings of their Google Account.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Samsung Vibrant T -Mobile

Definitely , the Samsung S Galaxy is expected in all forms. In Europe, it will remain the Galaxy S.It will Captivate AT&T, and Vibrant at T -Mobile.
The features remain the same : a screen AMOLED Super 4 " , 1 GHz processor . The 5 megapixel camera ( making videos in 720p) , Bluetooth 3.0 , Wi - Fi (b / n), 16GB of internal memory . All with Android 2.1.
The device will be sold directly to applications and media as pre-installed : Amazon, The Sims 3, Kindle and film Avatar. These versions of Galaxy S may be an advantage that would have the choice .

Vibrant latest Samsung phone based on the Android OS. It is powered by a 1GHz processor from ARM and Has a 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen with a super resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The user IS experience enhanced by the latest Samsung Touchwiz 3.0 IU .

K - Lite Codec Pack 6.2.0

To play a video , you need the right codec . K -Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and filters audio and video will allow you able to play any audio or video file on your computer With your usual media player .

The following codecs are thus included in the package :
  • AVI
  • MP4
  • ffdshow
  • DivX
  • XviD
  • On2
  • MPEG - 1
  • MPEG- 2
  • Flash (FLV )
  • Windows Media ( wmv, asf )
  • YV12
  • x264
  • MP3
  • Ogg Vorbis ( OGG )
  • Matroska ( mkv , mka )
  • AAC
  • MusePack ( bcf )
  • FLAC
  • Monkey's Audio ( APE )
  • OptimFROG
K - Lite Codec Pack also includes some tools to deal with subtitles in your movies , calculate bitrate ... and a classic version of Media Player, a lightweight media player .

Download k- lite Codec pack 6.2.0

Bluetooth 4.0 formalized

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) recently formalized the Bluetooth 4.0 and hopes to market the first products during the last quarter of this year.

Low power consumption and better performance

As we have explained in our columns, the big news of this standard is the ability to reduce energy demand controllers so they can be integrated in very small items (watches, sensors, etc..) Without an impact on the autonomy of these tools batteries often very limited.

Consumption is comparable to an RFID chip and the module uses a 2.4 GHz ISM band relatively impervious to interference. If you want better performance, this standard offers a bandwidth of 24 Mbps and the ability to communicate directly with wireless controllers
Rapid Adoption

Specifically, the Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program is officially open, allowing manufacturers to certify their products. The group in charge of this standard considers that this new version will be much more popular than Bluetooth 3.0, which really begins to be marketed.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tips for IOS4 IPhone 4

Whether the iPhone iOS 4 or 4 units Apple full of new features and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Find in the following sections of tricks for your iPhone or your iPhone 4 running iOS 4, namely that some tips will also work with earlier operating systems .
Sometimes we have a parade or a page on Safari application and it is long to go top. A small space on the screen of the iPhone allows you to return to this famous top in less than two, a simple touch on the Status Bar ( the gray bar at the top of the iPhone.
The wallpaper on the home screen is a new on iOS 4 . Note that this feature does not exist on iPhone 3G iOS 4 and iPod Touch 2G . To add a wallpaper to your springboard , go to Settings -> AVL - > Touch the image - > Choose a wallpaper then click Home Screen. This also works for the screen lock.
For set a benchmark in the Maps application , tap and hold a place card . You will then be possible to obtain a route , share the mark or take advantage of Google Street View .
As on iPad , it is now possible lock the screen orientation but everything happens through the control multitasking unlike the physical button on the tablet . To lock the orientation of your iPhone / iPod Touch double-click the Home button to get the panel multitasking then perform a movement from left to right . Appears then controls the iPod with a lock button , click once to activate and again to deactivate.
The arrival of the iOS 4 also introduces a Zoom in the Camera application. To activate , press the screen to display the new menu and use the slider to control the zoom .
To add documents with extension. pdf on iBooks, and now touch your finger on the link or PDF icon and press Open iBooks.
The pinpoint button hides another : press this button twice to activate the compass in the Maps application and get the direction you go.
For add a website to your springboard, press the plus button at the bottom of your screen and click Add to home screen.

A few Tips for the keyboard to set in Settings the iPhone
  • Double-tap the space bar , and iPhone adds a final titlecase next word .
  • To quickly enter a digit or symbol , tap maintaining the pressure . Then , without lifting a finger , select the desired button . When you will lift a finger , your iPhone will revert to the letter keyboard .
  • Touch a character by maintaining the pressure to display a selection of special characters .
To make screenshot of the screen of your iPhone, Hold Home and Power buttons for 1 second . The image is then saved in your photo library .

To display the number of characters, Go to the Settings and then select the Messages Number of characters .
Finally, put a call on hold since the iPhone 4, for a few seconds to press the Mute button.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to choose best graphics card

1. Choose the card for your needs

The graphics card has any real importance in the fields of 3D applications . For the Internet , watching classic video ( not HD ) and office , almost all graphics cards market is sufficient.

2. Food powerful powerful card

Graphics cards mid / high range often require an additional power . It is therefore advisable to have a PC power supply powerful enough and have a free connector to run the card.

3. multifunction cards

Some say multifunction graphics cards offer, in addition to display features a TV tuner and video capture functions . They're good products to provide diversity in the use of your computer even if their performances are still inferior to specialized products.

4. Maps suitable for video editing

For video editing, orient yourself dedicated solutions that actually accelerate the design of sequences. The graphics are not generalists adapted to this type of work and discharged entirely on the processor of the computer: the contribution is zero.

5. The card with HD resolution

To watch HD videos , go for a dedicated graphics card , integrated circuits are generally too inefficient to properly render high definition.

6. Little interest in the upscale

The models most high-end home builders are often more a technological showcase that real bargains. Check rather the middle -high range that offers the best cocktail systematically performance , power and price .

7. Choose the PCI -Express

In the case of buying a graphics card for a recent computer ( less than 2 years ), the connection standard PCI - Express is the most common .

8. 512 MB , or nothing !

512 MB of RAM is usually sufficient for recreational use classic. In addition , the gain is significant that in the case of using very high resolution.

9. Rely on Tom's Hardware Guide

The graphics card market is evolving at such speed that it is difficult to get an idea but not seriously consider . The best way to have a critical overview of the products is to rely on a specialist. Presence- pc , with its follow graphics card is an expert in this field.

10. Cooling system for your comfort

Be sure to opt for models of graphics cards featuring an impressive cooling system , it is often the quietest .

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Extract images from a PDF : easy and free !

How many times have you resigned to use the good old Print Screen to copy an image from a PDF ? With SomePDF Image Extract , everything is so simple ! Win last time with this software simple and absolutely free that allows you to extract all the images in a PDF! Simply select your PDF file in the software interface , and then click the play button or press the F5 key on your keyboard . That's it ! The extracted images can be recorded in the following formats : TIF , JPEG, BMP, GIF , PNG , TGA , PBM, PPM , or PCX .
They are saved in a folder with the same name as your file as PDF, not practice ?

Do not wait , this amazing software is this address !

Note that the publisher of this software offers other interesting tools for those who use PDF files .
You could for example convert PDF to WordOr convert PDF to text fileOr finally convert PDF to HTML !

Good extraction with SomePDF !

Automatic Updates for Wordpress

For some time I had this banner update that was displayed on the blog administration interface . I obviously tried the automatic update , but unfortunately , it does not work ! Wanting to find where the problem was I tried to change the login / password . I looked toward the chmod , nothing. I tried to install plugins, still nothing ! I am determined to use the good old ... Research ! Thus I discovered that I was far from alone in this problem, as it is often the case . If such concerns seem to be due to some security restrictions of the host , a simple solution exists for others . It was also necessary to find , hidden in the shadow of a forum !
Simplyadd a few lines of code to your. htaccess file :
AddType x- mapp -php5. php
AddHandler x - mapp - php5 . php
That's it ! These two lines should normally solve this problem permanently !
Good blogging , automatic !

Free Antivirus: which to choose?

Tired of paying for an antivirus? Tired of looking again and again the antivirus that suits your needs? Or worse, you can surf without protection? This article brings together the most powerful free antivirus is for you.
The choice of a virus depends primarily on the use to which it will, and our needs. Whether a home computer, personal or professional needs are not identical and it will not always need to use armored protection. This choice depends on your level of knowledge on the subject, novices prefer to use an antivirus completely autonomous, while connoisseurs will no doubt have his hand placed on the choice of actions that will make the antivirus.
Using family
If your computer is intended to be used by the whole family, it is probably interesting to refer you to a version of 'all in one', and autonomous. If your little toddlers to block access to your favorite software, or worse, allow access to applications bad, imagine the problems! Here are some options available to you:
  • Avast Antivirus:
Solution excellent family, install it and it does the rest. Firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, and many other functions to help you protect your computer, so very accessible. The interface is clear and easy to use, convenient for beginners. Everything is automatic, including updates.
License: Free for noncommercial use
  • AVG Free
Very similar to avast in its functions, the difference lies mainly in the interface a little less ergonomic and accessible to beginners. However, the protection it offers is also very complete and pass the firewall to anti-spam protection without forgetting the local web.
License: Free
  • Microsoft Security Essential
Out there a little over a year, this free antivirus by Microsoft aims to be accessible to all. It offers protection very easy to use. Icon green, all is well, orange or red icon: Beware! This tool is available via the Microsoft Download Center. It protects you from viruses and other malware with ease.
License: Free via the Microsoft Download Center
2. Personal Use
Through personal use, it will depend again on your needs and your knowledge. If you wish to use an antivirus completely autonomous, you will head to the family solutions above. If you would like a protection much more pointed, so you head to the professional solutions below. In either of these solutions, you can add one additional tools offered below, as an anti-spyware, a disinfection tool, or a separate firewall.
3. Professional use
As for professional use, the goal should be optimal protection! Although previous antivirus are quite suitable in the context of a common use of a computer, protect sensitive data may require more comprehensive antivirus. In addition to this you can add to your coverage of one or the other tools that are presented in the following point.
  • Antivir
A very powerful anti-virus, providing extensive protection of various hazards on the Web. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and other are among the appointments. Only drawback, an ad will appear during the updates, but it is worth the effort!

4. Additional tools
To protect sharp, you'll want to equip more specific software, such as anti-spyware, firewall, or a tool for disinfection. These handy software can be used as appropriate on a daily or occasional use. Note however incompatibilities! Install multiple Firewall do you use for example for anything, just overload your computer protection can cause serious slowdowns.
  • Firewall (Firewall)
While most antivirus programs have a direct firewall feature, just like Windows, there are also software specific to that task and do it well, among them:
- Comodo Firewall + Antivirus (Contains also a function Antivirus)
  • Antispyware
Cons spyware increasingly nomnbreux, nothing like a good software specially reinforced to eradicate them! The best known are:
- Spybot Search-and-destroy " (also has a detection module in real time)
- MalwareBytes (also detects most Trojans and rootkits)
- Ad-Aware Free (also has advanced anti-virus)
  • Common sense
How does it make sense? Well yes! Viruses are often not as smart as you might think, and in most cases it is our own fault that they come to infect our computers. Be careful where you click, and where you surf, do not open unknown or suspicious emails, much less their room attached! A strong safety comes first with a little common sense.
To surf, get a good antivirus, navigate with a browser and an updated antivirus. The faults are more numerous on Internet Explorer, if you have not already, I suggest you install Mozilla Firefox, a free browser and more secure.
After installing your new virus, the first thing to do is to update and complete analysis of your computer. In fact, if you already have the virus, they may not be detected directly by the virus. Remember to scan your removable media (USB drive, external drive, etc ...) and scan your computer regularly.
Now that all this is done, the virus had better take, you're good!
Good surf-secure!

Barcode Scanner for Android

Hello to all friends of Android! Here a software necessary for your phone called: Barcode Scanner!
This software allows you to use your camera to scan bar codes, and thus find info on a CD, a book, DVD, and many others. Imagine you are in a store, and you want to know more about a product, you scan the bar code quickly, and that of impending product information! You could for example make a google search on the product, or watch the online price, or the purchase directly through your phone if it turned out to be cheaper than in store! Another very practical option, the software scans the QR codes, special codes such as this one below, allow you todirectly access a URL without having to enter it manually. How much faster for example quickly download an application! Example of QR Code (Link Barcode Scanner on the Market)
Feel free to get in faster that software needed! If you had already, a simple scan of the above code you would have to go to the download link.Of course, if you're reading this then you do not have it, I invite you to visit the Market and search for software "Barcode Scanner"! Most of the software presented on this blog will always be accompanied by their corresponding QR code, which allows you to download directly to your phone!
Stay tuned for more tips

Android: Install. Apk

On Android, the easiest way to install an application is of course to go through the Market. However, sometimes we want to install an application from the Android SD. You can not install anything and everything on your phone, applications should be of ". apk. And as it will be an unknown source application for your phone, you must enable the option "unknown sources"in Menu -> Application. You will finally have an installer file. Apk on your phone, such programs can be downloaded via the Market. Personally, I recommend the free application Astro File Manager, you can download from the market, or directly by scanning the code below.

Once these prerequisites done, here's how:
1. Copy the application on your SD card (for convenience, create a new folder where you will put all applications to install)
2. Open the File Manager application Astro
3. Navigate to the folder where you put your application
4. Click on it and choose "Open AppManager"
5. Congratulations, your application is installed!
To avoid losing the place, you can delete the installation file thereafter.