Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Best games for iPhone via VR glass

Dive City Rollercoaster by Dive Games
Go on a rollercoaster ride. The sensation of speed and movement is compelling and was enough to confuse both stomach and inner ear of our resident VR enthusiast at EightOnes.

Moorente by Die Etagen GmbH
Go on a hunt for virtual ferruginous ducks. Just “aim” your gun at an overhead duck (i.e. keep it in your crosshairs for a second or two) and blammo!

Stereoscopic Tunnel Effectby John Tsiombikas
Take a non-stop tour through a hypnotic tunnel. By default, the app isn’t configured for 3D, so tap the screen and enable stereoscopic rendering before slipping your iPhone into Cardboard. You may also want to adjust the position of the screen divider.

The Height by Shoogee GmbH & Co. KG
A game about heights set in a futuristic abstract cityscape. The Height challenges you to explore a 3D-rendered scaffolding, collecting items as you go. To start or stop walking, you must look down at your feet for a few seconds. (Like, literally look down.) Very cool, but not for those afraid of heights.

Tales From The Minus Lab by USC ICT MxR
Explore “Tales From The Minus Lab”. Simply load the app onto your iPhone or iPod touch and insert it into your 3D viewer. Hold the viewer up to your eyes and “look” around The Minus Lab. You will fly forward in whichever direction you’re looking in.

Dive Zombie by Kazuya Noshiro
Attack the zombie before the zombie attacks you! Challenge the high score while you’re at it