Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to choose best graphics card

1. Choose the card for your needs

The graphics card has any real importance in the fields of 3D applications . For the Internet , watching classic video ( not HD ) and office , almost all graphics cards market is sufficient.

2. Food powerful powerful card

Graphics cards mid / high range often require an additional power . It is therefore advisable to have a PC power supply powerful enough and have a free connector to run the card.

3. multifunction cards

Some say multifunction graphics cards offer, in addition to display features a TV tuner and video capture functions . They're good products to provide diversity in the use of your computer even if their performances are still inferior to specialized products.

4. Maps suitable for video editing

For video editing, orient yourself dedicated solutions that actually accelerate the design of sequences. The graphics are not generalists adapted to this type of work and discharged entirely on the processor of the computer: the contribution is zero.

5. The card with HD resolution

To watch HD videos , go for a dedicated graphics card , integrated circuits are generally too inefficient to properly render high definition.

6. Little interest in the upscale

The models most high-end home builders are often more a technological showcase that real bargains. Check rather the middle -high range that offers the best cocktail systematically performance , power and price .

7. Choose the PCI -Express

In the case of buying a graphics card for a recent computer ( less than 2 years ), the connection standard PCI - Express is the most common .

8. 512 MB , or nothing !

512 MB of RAM is usually sufficient for recreational use classic. In addition , the gain is significant that in the case of using very high resolution.

9. Rely on Tom's Hardware Guide

The graphics card market is evolving at such speed that it is difficult to get an idea but not seriously consider . The best way to have a critical overview of the products is to rely on a specialist. Presence- pc , with its follow graphics card is an expert in this field.

10. Cooling system for your comfort

Be sure to opt for models of graphics cards featuring an impressive cooling system , it is often the quietest .

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