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Cydia apps for iphone 4

After the jailbreak, you'll have a new application on your iPhone: Cydia. She opens the door to hundreds of critical applications, themes, ringtones, games and lots of other things. Here I will try to explain how to get Cydia maximum. If you have further questions, leave us a comment.

First, At first launch Cydia, you can choose the type of interface you want. Press User (Graphical Only) :

If there are critical updates, press Essential Software. Wait for the setup and make Return to Cydia once it's done. The important parts of Cydia, Cydia at the bottom, you'll see these tabs:  Home : the homepage. You will feel every time you launch Cydia. Sections : the directory of categorized applications. Changes : You will find the new updates of applications and if there is a critical update, the number will be displayed on this tab. In the screenshot below, there is a significant update. This is indicated by the number 1 on Changes. To install it, I press down Cydia Changes> Upgrade(top right): Then click Confirm :The installation is in progress:
And finally, I press the big button Return to Cydia bottom of the screen: Manage : to add source url, manage applications installed with Cydia or see the space you have on your iPhone. To do this, go to Manage > Storage.You can then see the remaining space (Free) and the space occupied (Used) by your applications, music, themes, etc.. : Search : To search for an application, theme, tone, etc.. When you access the Search tab from the bottom of Cydia, you will see a bar at the top of your search screen. Inside it says Package Names and Descriptions.To search, press the search bar and enter the name of the application / theme / ringtones as you wish.You can then make your choice from the list of results by clicking on the desired item to select:You can download a free 99% of things available on Cydia. Pay For applications installed, it is only launching the application or after a certain period of time it will ask if you want to buy. A result, none of what you download / install Cydia you will not be charged without your consent. It's not like iTunes where you are charged an application once you have chosen to install it (if not for free).
Installing an application on Cydia in grosso modo-
Installing an application on Cydia is to select it (by pressing it). Next, press Install, then click Confirm appearing each time in the top right of your screen. Wait for the setup where a progress bar will indicate its progress. At the end of the installation, a large button Return to Cydia, reboot or ReSpring appear at the bottom of your screen, press it to complete the installation.The best place to download your applications on Cydia. The best apps on Cydia are in Home> Featured Packages. Simply choose the application you want. List of Featured Packages is updated frequently, so visit from time to time to see if there are additions.

more applications, themes, ringtones, etc. on Cydia. If you need a wider range of applications, themes, ringtones, etc.. go to sections where you can browse by category. Here are the most important categories which you will need on Cydia:
Games > for games
Ringtones > for ringtones
System > for applications (most can be regarded as utilities) that add functionality to the iPhone as a backup of your iPhone or use an application in the background.
Themes (Complete) > for themes
Wallpaper > wallpapers

If the list of applications proposed in sections is not sufficient, you can access the downloads offered by many sites and individuals by adding sources that basically say to Cydia when its applications are hosted. By adding a source to Cydia, you will have access to all applications / themes / ringtones / etc. proposed by this source. Once the source added to Cydia, applications / themes / ringtones / etc. it proposes are automatically added and classified sections.

How to install the best sources on Cydia:

Go Home> More Package Sources

A listing of the best sources will be presented. Press the source you like to select:
d├ębuter avec Cydia
Press Install(top right):

Press Confirm(top right):

Wait for the setup:

To complete the installation of the source, press Return to Cydia :

You can also manually add a source if it is not proposed in the list More Package Sources. To do this, go to Manage> Sources :

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