Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Upload pictures from iphone to social network

Since June 24, when my phone has become an iPhone, I'm almost all the time connected. So I took the opportunity to put some order in my digital life and social networks that I use: my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. These networks allow me to stay in touch with my relatives, and professional relationships throughout the world, or to tell "my life", or buzzer and to round up the crowds to my blog , or more futilely, to publish my photos taken with my iPhone.

To best manage my various communities, I reorganized my social networks, both to disseminate useful information and useless to everyone, to manage my personal and professional life, and finally to manage my time, because there is a another life outside the web. I also want to keep the fun and professional side in the use I make of my blog, Twitter or Facebook. After the umpteenth reorganization, including the use of Facebook: private, not private, pro, not pro, private, pro, I think I have found a use that suits me and will allow me to share with all as we love do.

My blog is my main social network is space on the internet that takes me more time and that also brings me the most satisfaction. In recent days I made some alterations. I especially enhanced by placing the communal aspect of the buttons so you can easily share my posts on Twitter or Facebook. I spent the comments.
I use it sparingly and this network is public, with a small number of followers who gradually grows with increasing exchanges between many twitteurs. It is also one of my favorite sources of reading when I'm in a queue, since my iPhone.

So far, I made a moderate use my Facebook account, the majority of my publications are made automatically from my Twitter messages. I have often hesitated between personal and professional contacts in this space. Now, I reserve my Facebook account just to my friends, my family or acquaintances found. So I deleted the few contacts that I had proposed. The reason is simple, weekend or holiday, it is a great way to keep in touch with my family via my iPhone, on the walls or by mail. Sorry for so few people that I removed, we find ourselves on other networks.

I have a Pro account, and I use Flickr to store all of my photos, even if I'm late. My photos are published privately or publicly. As I want to preserve my privacy, 99% of images are accessible only my family. This is not the space that I wanted to give preference to publish my photos publicly.

A good balance between public and private sectors on the Net

With this new organization of my main social networks, I think I found the right balance between privacy and public life. It remains my account Viadeo, which I still have not found the utility space and my YouTube, little used now. With my iPhone 4 camcorder and a future, it should become more consistent.

A website that features the most fun on an iPhone: the ability to take a picture and instantly publish on the Internet. In most cases, these are trivial things, or are funny rant, but always fun to share. In recent weeks, I fumbled to find the most effective way to publish these pictures online. I wanted it to be fast and that I can distribute these photos to my communities: Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. I hesitated for a publication on my blog, but finally I found it too pollute this space for an intake hearing ridiculous. I did not want to use spaces covered with ads as Twipic, the layout very poor and not personalized. Finally, I opted for a mini blog on Posterous. This service is very simple to configure, it is customizable and especially he knows interact with many other online services.

Posterous allows me to post photos from my iPhone, via Twitter, very quickly. These photos are arranged chronologically with a nice layout of the mini Posterous blog. Then, Posterous automatically publish my photos on Facebook and Flickr (for the public).
Advertising on Facebook allows you to place all my photos from my photos "Facebook". The association was not required because all my Twitter posts are published on my wall. It just makes it to my friends, more comfortable with the photo section, find and comment on my photos.
Why publish these photos on my Flickr account, because ultimately they are often futile? Firstly, because some of my relatives are not on Facebook and prefer the photos on Flickr. Then, these photos are a slice of life, it can be fun to find them in a few years, they are attached to a story or a memory. On my Flickr account, I can store those photos in albums and possibly get on my computer via blukr.
In the end, what may seem a gas plant is fully transparent to my readers, whether on Posterous, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. Everything is automated, just a message on Twitter via my iPhone, to feed the four spaces on the web. All pictures are available, depending on the community in one place and easy to react.
I invite you to regularly consult my gallery of "slices of life in pictures" on Posterous or simply subscribe to my Twitter for real-time monitoring my shoots from my iPhone.


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