Friday, April 15, 2011

Micromax mobile available in gulf market

Indian mobile handset micromax is now available in gulf. The company's various handsets will soon be on sale across the area and will also be obtainable for purchase at GITEX Shopper 2010.
The company, which manufactures phones in India as well as from side to side partners in Taiwan and China, will initially offer several models, including the Q55 Bling. The ‘Bling' targets female users and as such features ‘Enlightened Swarovski Elements'. The compact phone also features a swivel form issue and is able to accept two SIM cards. It weighs 75g, packs a 2-megapixel camera and includes a music playback application, Facebook compatibility and a FM tuner.

Kensington FM Transmitter/Auto Charger for iPod

All-in-one, compact FM Transmitter/Auto Charger plays and charges iPods using the car's FM radio and cigarette lighter plug. ClearFM technology reduces noise and enhances stereo separation providing superior wireless audio quality and FM reception. LED indicators to signal transmitting and charging states, and safety fuse protects against power spikes. For iPod or iPod mini with dock connector. 5-year limited warranty and free technical support.
  • All-in-one FM transmitter and charger plays iPod tunes wirelessly through the FM radio in your car.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Motorola Xoom price in gulf

There have been rumor suspended around of a WiFi only Xoom making its way from side to side the FCC, but now we’ve got video of a silver Xoom from Dubai, which means it must be GSM. I am really eager that not only will the GSM Xoom make it to the U.S., but also that there will be a WiFi only option. The Xoom looks like a killer piece of hardware, but the price is at rest too high. There requirements to be options in the pricing like a WiFi only tablet. The iPad has sold very well, but I can’t envisage that the bulk of those sales be from the $729 3G/32GB model. I’m willing to bet that additional than half of the sales came from the WiFi only 16GB model at $499 or the 32GB model at $599.