Thursday, October 21, 2010

Office for Mac 2011

Good news for Mac users waiting for Mac Office 2011 to the end of the year, the office suite is finally available in two versions in October. After issuing the account on July 26 last tasted a private beta of Office 2011 for Mac a few handpicked testers, the final version will be available to all in October. Good news because we were expecting the suite dedicated to Mac rather end of the year.
Office for Mac 2011 is available in two versions:
- The Microsoft Office suite for Mac Home and Student 2011 will be sold for 109 euros and 139 euros single-user installation for three licenses. This version includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Messenger.

- The next Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 will be sold at 249 euros and 379 euros for single-user two licenses. This pro version includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Messenger.

Note that Microsoft will offer a free update to Office for Mac 2011 for all purchasers of Office for Mac 2008 from 2 August.

Office Mac Home and Student 2011 - Family Pack (3 Licenses)

Office Mac Home and Business 2011 - 2 License Pack
Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 - Single License

Apple updated MacBook Air

According to rumor, The updating of the Apple MacBook Air may soon become reality, perhaps even this week. According to a source who has previously indicated successfully the recent updates to the MacBook Pro, the new product number is listed as MC516LL / A BETTER K87 BTR-USA. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation on this issue: we do not know what product it refers, because it could very well be a new Apple LCD. If the rumor is true, a few thousand of these products are already en route to Australia, ready to be launched.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Opera mini 5.1 for smart phones

It is finally here , the long awaited Opera 5.1 and just spent the final version .
In short, a short summary after rapid tests (dated :
- completely redesigned interface and 100 % touch with scroll kinetic.
- Navigation truly fluid as well as mode -mode mobile standard browser
- tabbed browsing ! (SUPER NEW)
- A keyboard directly into the application to type your address
- A bookmark manager and a manager of natural favorites for quick access images!
- A password manager !

Opera 8 Browser for Windows
Opera Web Browser for Dummies

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple reclaiming your living room with its new Apple TV

  Since 2007 , the Apple TV has long sought and still has not found its audience , in France at least. Various reasons: its price first, then its size , low catalog of video content on the Store French to continue, and the obligation to synchronize their computers with Apple TV to finish.
Without that guarantee success for the future, Apple brings in any case the answers to these elements. ? 
Price and smaller footprint
First point , the price is seriously lowered . It rises from 299 euros in 2007 to 119 euros today. Second point, although rather compact, the casing of the Apple TV seemed a bit too big to sit next to a TV or DVD player. The new Apple TV is extremely compact , 80 % smaller than its predecessor , with dimensions which are held in one hand (2.29 x 9.91 x 9.91 cm). A compact , made possible through the use of the chip Apple A4 (present in the iPad , iPhone 4 and the latest version of the iPod touch) , energy efficient. ? However, counting does not mean hunger , one at the back of the box HDMI, an S / PDIF and an Ethernet jack Megabit Ethernet (10/100) , in addition to Wi - Fi compatible (802.11 b, g and n ) and a micro-USB port (for assistance) . A normal USB port might have been able to help connect a hard drive ... But this is not Apple's policy .
Catalogue and continuous play
Thirdly, the issue of the catalog of films, television series and HD or SD . If the latter has grown in France , the fact remains that there is still much to do to become as interesting as other French VOD offerings , not to mention the services available in the U.S. just like Netflix.
However, and this is the fourth point, when this problem will be solved , Apple TV now put everything on the Streaming directly, without the hassle of synchronization. This will use iTunes 10 (or higher) . Streaming may then be made directly from the Internet via a special interface ( leased content on iTunes Store, YouTube video , etc. .) or from your computer ( music library , video and photo) . Apple will soon offer even an application to " streamer " the content on an iPhone , iPad or iPod touch to the Apple TV. This will use technology AirPlay , formerly known as AirTunes , which was confined to connect your Apple TV to your computer. Apple's mobile devices will be used not only remote , as will another application already available, Remote. ?
Rental and playback quality
Apple will have to work hard to expand its rental offer . Rates quoted are correct in the case of recent films : EUR 2.99 standard version , 3.99 euros in HD . Once the rented movie , you have 30 days to watch it and only 24 hours if you started reading.
There remains the question of the power of the chip Apple A4. Will she be able to decode the broadcast HD video ? A priori yes , especially since he is not here for Full HD ( 1080p) HD but 720p. So much for your latest 42-inch screen ...
Passive hub
Both domestic hub for local content present on your computers and mobile devices, Apple, and bridgehead hire services online from Apple directly accessible from the Apple TV, this new attempt of intrusion Apple in the show is appealing . Starting with its price much more attractive . However , the Apple TV will have to prove that despite his passive role of consultation terminal , it can provide enough content into our living rooms to deserve cares. To do this , Apple will struggle against other VOD offerings .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphone

The SE210 include micro speakers ( transducers) to High Definition . This revolutionary technology provides rich sound throughout the entire sound spectrum.
The width of the spectrum and its modular earphones recommend them both for your MP3 player , your portable DVD player, your stereo or your portable games console .

An incredible sound insulation:
With over ten years of research and experience, Shure only entitled to a real acoustic insulation. This all-natural system allows you to listen quietly to your music or your favorite podcasts in peace without having to edit sound, you are in the plane, train or subway.
With 93 % isolation , Shure has the best insulation available on the market. The thunderous noise becomes barely perceptible.
By reducing the outside noise SE210 prevent irreparable hardships hearing ( in use at a reasonable sound level ), avoid the words of the head due to auditory fatigue and allow you to appreciate the richness of sound mixes of your songs without being disturbed by external noise .

For hygiene reasons , this product is returned or exchanged if it was opened .

Specifications :

• Micro Speaker High Definition .
• Sensitivity : 114 dB SPL / mW.
at 1 kHz • Impedance : 26 Ohms.
• Frequency response : 25 Hz - 18.5 kHz
• Weight : 29 g
• Shure Deluxe Accessory Kit
• Cable length ( extended) : 136 cm

Package Contents :

• Three pairs of black foam , non-porous , renewable , hypo - allergenic in three sizes (S, M , L)
• Three pairs of PVC fittings in three sizes (S, M , L)
• A pair of wing tips Triple Bevel
• A modular cable of 91 cm
• A rigid carrying case
• A cleaning rod

Shure SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones