Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Xbox 360 250GB Console

The new Xbox 360 with a gigantic 250 GB hard drive offers all-new playability. Live gaming, the latest games and movies in HD quality, the game console into the ultimate entertainer. Xbox 360 lovers will be impressed by the new, sleek design of the console, which is now held in an elegant black. As high performance proves the removable hard disk on which you can store a variety of movies, games and add-ons.

An absolute highlight is Kinect, which is supported by the Xbox 360. Solely on the game console? Without cable, controller or other control option? the players this part of the Games. Through the movement of hands, arms or feet to the gaming fun no limits are set. Whether one is driving with the family on the Xbox sports or supplies in a race with friends, a brutal battle? for everyone! The Xbox 360 works it even quieter than before and, with the included wireless controller and headset for the first class comfort for the use of Xbox Live. Do the networking simple by WLAN world with other gamers and enjoy this spectacular form of entertainment with friends from all over the world.
Besides the elegant panels, you get numerous accessories. For the future, the Xbox 360 250 GB is best suited. Enjoy the new gaming era and get an idea of how quiet the console, start as soon as the touch-sensitive buttons and Kinect Games you'll take to excel!

  • Xbox 360 Highlights at a Glance
  • sleek high-gloss design
  • 250 GB hard drive, reversible
  • WiFi support
  • Plug & Play to 5 USB ports
  • high-resolution graphics
  • Live Gaming
  • Kinect port for unlimited gameplay gets physical
  • Delivery: Xbox 360 console S, 250 GB removable hard drive, headset, wireless controller, composite AV cable