Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to call with Gmail

Gmail, the mail service from Google , clearly wants to compete with Skype. The U.S. giant has indeed launch " Google Call ", an Internet telephony service. Initially on active accounts in North America (U.S. and Canada), this service is now also available in many countries. Google announces free calls to USA and Canada, and a low price for some countries (France, China, Britain, Germany and many others) to 2 cents ($ 0.02) per minute.
To take advantage of Google Call , you must install an additional plugin on your computer and activate the Gmail chat

How to remove twitter updates from google index

Google will ultimately index updated Twitter information. If you'd resembling it done faster, notify them post-haste. If you be able to click on a link in a Google search, and it takes you to a dead/error page, you can demand taking away of that link using the URL removal tool. Here's how:
1.    Copy the URL you'd like removed from the site (for example:
2.    Navigate to this page.
3.    Paste in the Twitter link that you'd like removed
4.    Submit your request.
You may be compulsory to log in to your Google account. If you don't have one, you can need to create one.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

ACER E-MACHINE MultiTouch practice

The backlit LED 10.1-inch displays bright and clear images for viewing very pleasant, while the powerful processor of reduced size and high capacity hard disk you benefit from the performance of a notebook-size standard for minimum size and weight.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fnacbook review

It's been a little over four weeks now that I walk every day and uses the reading lamp ebook Fnac, the FnacBook. So I could make a fairly complete tour of the product, and try, whenever possible, go around it. (You can find a video that illustrates my point in the sequel as well). My first contact with the product, after fully charging the battery, was to dwell on the exterior. The product is very light, which is rather a good point. Oddly, the plastic look that I held when I had seen by far in the shop is rather attenuated once in hand. The colors, which are those of the Fnac (3 shades of gray, yellow and white) are rather soft and not aggressive. Keys (which are reminiscent of the tabs) that are at number 4 respond well, and the general shape is rather pleasant.

More Hotsync on Snow Leopard

As you know, it will be out Snow Leopard for Mac and although we learn that Apple took the opportunity to remove the duct HotSync which allowed synchronization devices running Palm OS. Yes well, we should be very likely to use machinery Palm OS but still, it's a page that looks! ......

Nokia N900 drops

After all leaks on Internet Nokia has formalized its new internet tablet The N900, Which therefore offers a sliding QWERTY keyboard, Maemo 5 with a user interface type Tag CloudA touch screen 3.5 "WVGA resolution (800 × 480), the 3G/3G and WiFi, an ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz with 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, a microSD memory port, a AFN 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS (A-GPS), an FM transmitter, TV output, support for the OpenGL ES 2.0, support for Adobe Flash 9.4, ranging autonomy up to 4 days and compatibility H.264 MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, M4A, WAV, WMAAll in 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm for 181g.

Towards a Galaxy Tab 2 10 "

The rumor swells: Samsung could "decide to reveal In The MWC 2011 version 10 "of icts Galaxy Tab 2 . To see if the Manufacturer Both versions now offer 7 and 10 "from shelves icts. From our side We'd Rather Inclined to Think That Samsung Will Be Determined to Attack.......

the iPad forehead, and opt for a Therefor screen of similar size to the shelf of Apple icts for future productions. 

Sony MDR-XB1000 listings

The Sony MDR-XB100 unveils 0, a stereo headset That Offers high-end 70mm transducers, a frequency response of 2 to 30,000 Hz, impedance of 24Ω and a sensitivity of 106dB, all at a weight of 375g. No Pricing Announced. 

HTML5 notifications for Gmail

Google Announced The Arrival of Gmail notifications for HTML5 ! No installation required, just Google Chrome and To Have "check the option in the Settings of webmail. As soon as you Receive new mail message or a cat (Gtalk),

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mozilla releases the beta of Firefox 4 9th

With a little delay, we will inform you of the release of the 9th beta Firefox 4 Whose main interest is to have corrected and fixed some 662 bugs, and this in 3 weeks "only." In short, to download the new beta follow the link!

The Aigo A8 with 14 megapixel

The Aigo A8 (aka Altek Leo) Being introduced at CES. The video of it that we recall, has a AFN 14Mpx capable of taking video in 720p and featuring a 3x optical zoom and a Xenon flash, 3G + Android 2.1, a screen 3.2 "WVGA, all for about 400 euros.

Quad-core Tegra 3

It is at MWC that Nvidia should announce its Third Generation Tegra chip. After Tegra 2 equipped with a dual-core processor, Tegra 3 should carry a quad-core processor ! The first aircraft equipped with this new chip are not expected until next year, but it is true that the usefulness of having a chip in a smartphone so powerful I am puzzled, for the shelves, that's another story ...

The Hammerhead HMR989

Go To conclude this week in style, here is Hammerhead HMR989, A PC that should shine in the eyes of gamers grass, because in addition to sport a more efficient design, it features a system for constant cooling SpinQ CPU,

Logitech Announces mouse for the living room

We can say what you like, there are more and more computers in the lounges and we find ourselves increasingly using a mouse on our couch, either with a laptop or a Media Center. So, taking advantage of the movement, Logitech announced a mouse optimized for use on flat surfaces, not necessarily the M515.

Microsoft OneNote on iOS

Maybe the premise of the arrival of a possible Microsoft Office on IOS, but it is certain that the Redmond company just released on iOS OneNote. His note-taking software sync with the PC version of its Office suite via its online storage service Windows Live SkyDrive.
The IOS version will allow you to add pictures but does not visibly moved all the intricacies of the web version or the PC version, so, some notes are not synchronized as outlined MacWorld. The application is free for now and what is not said that it will remain so get there anyway as you can, it is also by HERE.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

PacketShader: transforming your PC into a high-speed IP router

The huge increase in the ability of computer networks poses a major task on the shoulders of routers , which must now pass packets on multiple links to 10 Gb / s . Routers called "software", based on material non-specialist (eg a PC ) can he keep this pace or should he make room for expensive gear and above 100% proprietary software such as Cisco or Juniper ? This remarkable article by Korean researchers has shown that it is not possible today and to build a router as fast as the racing machines with a PC and Linux .  Main breakthrough by researchers said: outsource much of the operations GPU ...

Contrary to the claims of the commercial Cisco or Juniper , it has always been possible to build a router IP on ordinary hardware, with free software . This is not a trivial task: a modern router has two parts, the control ( control plane ) and transmission ( forwarding plane ). The first speaks routing protocols like BGP , protocols are often complex, its task is only slightly "real time" and he needs memory (BGP router without a default route in stores today 330 000 roads ) and of CPU . An ordinary PC is well suited to this task, for which there are several free software like Quagga or IBRD .

Transmission, meanwhile, is implemented in all Unix for a long time, so all PCs with Ubuntu can do all the work routing (on Unix, the routing table used by the transmission is displayed with netstat-rn ). There are also projects a more comprehensive whole router on a PC / Unix example RouteBricks , taken as a benchmark in the article. But the problem is quantitative. Work Control is proportional to the number of roads and the number of these changes. But that of the transmission is proportional to the number of packets ! Even if the operations required for each package are simple, this work must be multiplied by impressive numbers. And no question of trainer, under penalty of increasing the latency of the network. A link Ethernet to 10 Gb / s (which is still on the desktop luxury but is already the norm within the carrier networks), it can make tens of millions of packets per second. Flow rate (the 10 Gb / s) and number of interrupts (one per package for a naive implementation), this stress significantly the basic PC.

Routers dear big business get away with using completely different components for the Control and Transmission: a Juniper, for example, a PC running a variant of FreeBSD is the control and ASIC , much more expensive , ensure the transmission. We see that when some enthusiasts announce a free software program like Quagga "allows any PC to a Cisco as ten times more expensive, they oversimplify: Quagga provides control but it remains to transmit packets very quickly ( at line rate , it is often said in English, that is to say the maximum speed allowed by the physical network underlying).

A final word on the router architecture: what is the protocol for communication between the Control and Transmission? There is a standard to the IETF , Forces ( Forwarding and Control Element Separation ), specified in RFC 5810 . But it is not deployed at the moment and, in practice, the communication protocol is still a private protocol (as netlink on Linux , documented in RFC 3549 ). It is not possible today to "do deals" by combining components from different manufacturers, connected by a standard protocol.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 / Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

Microsoft 8000 keyboard,
What fun this keyboard, so soft, lightweight, ergonomic (which was not done qqs minutes), quiet, flat and HD mice that reacts like clockwork ... is a pleasure to work with this quality stuff. Shortcuts and programmable keys are great, access to media, a mouse used in notebooks integrated keyboard, volume, forward, rewind, etc .. chain + / -, click dt or spoil, magnifying lens, gadgets, start menu button on touch up with shortcuts, video call button, etc. The mouse is composed of a tilt wheel and buttons selective + 4. It is over the office, smooth, rapid and accurate, a killing that set, and I love it very much a product which no longer happens. Imagine vs. on your bed, sofa, with the keyboard light on his knees, driving the PC connected to TV, not needed have it on the keyboard, since the keyboard is silent, no need to get up walk up the volume, I'm on the keyboard, I sent a sample to review, I go back, connecting to my office, do not worry, clicking, and connected to MSN talk on video, one click and I am ... Vs.'ll understand whether on a desk, or from your bed, the assembly is complete, well thought out, nice and very, very good.

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

Saturday, January 8, 2011

3D printer to create flute

3D printers have been around for a while, but they are generally used to create prototypes quickly, giving designers an idea of what will air the final product. There, people have created real and mechanical results seem impressive.  Media Lab has designed and printed a fully functional flute that was printed on a 3D printer Connex500, and the only non-print items of the instrument are the springs for the keys. The whole process took about 15h and a little longer to assemble, but the final product seems worth the cost. We still dream of a future where we can print our own mobile phones and gadgets.

Brother Intl DRUM ( DR600 )
Dell Ink Cartridges For Dell A920 & 720 Printers - Price Includes Black & Col...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter

Neox Rating: Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter

 The N Wireless USB Adapter connects your desktop or your laptop to a wireless network. Providing greater range and faster throughput, the Wireless-N offers an excellent solution for sending large files such as video, music, photos and documents between computers on your home network .

Based on the 802.11n draft, N wireless technology enables multiple receivers and transmitters to send and receive data using multiplexing techniques Intelligent MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) which greatly increase the throughput, coverage and reliability of the wireless network.

Retail price found: € 35.87

AirLink101 AWLL6075 Wireless N Mini USB Adapter 
Belkin Wireless N+ 802.11n USB Adapter (Black)Cisco-Linksys Refurbished Wireless-N USB Adapter