Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fnacbook review

It's been a little over four weeks now that I walk every day and uses the reading lamp ebook Fnac, the FnacBook. So I could make a fairly complete tour of the product, and try, whenever possible, go around it. (You can find a video that illustrates my point in the sequel as well). My first contact with the product, after fully charging the battery, was to dwell on the exterior. The product is very light, which is rather a good point. Oddly, the plastic look that I held when I had seen by far in the shop is rather attenuated once in hand. The colors, which are those of the Fnac (3 shades of gray, yellow and white) are rather soft and not aggressive. Keys (which are reminiscent of the tabs) that are at number 4 respond well, and the general shape is rather pleasant.

Then comes the moment of initial ignition. After 20 seconds, one arrives on the menu. Nothing really new, a link to his personal space on the site FnacA link to the ebook store, an icon for settings, bookmarks ... And finally, an icon to access the books. The screen is unresponsive, but I expected, because after all, we are there to read books, not run Crysis! Suddenly, the game also lacks tactile response ... After a week of use I would say if it may seem crippling at first, it is not the length. The Fnac has chosen to make the reader capable of reading ebooks from other catalogs as his own, including ePub format, either without DRMOr using DRM Adobe (which is a fairly large supply of books).
                If the technology is pretty standard player (Screen 6 "SIPIX 16 levels of gray, 2GB of internal memory, etc..), It is especially certain other things (largely inspired fromAmazon for that matter) that make the package interesting. Including 3G (with free SFR) Integrated, which depends largely on your coverage area obviously, but otherwise it works pretty well. By cons, unlike the 3G World ofAmazonHe will settle for limited access to metropolitan France, and this connection will give you access to the online store has the Fnac. The bid book is rather substantial, with over 80,000 books already available in French, but also in English. For the moment, no offer or news magazine (but the screen is definitely too small for that). Manga is an offer approaching cons, you will get back to that time. The device is compatible with the cons ebooks purchased Numilog iBook or store of Apple. By no cons with those sold by Amazon

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