Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tips for IOS4 IPhone 4

Whether the iPhone iOS 4 or 4 units Apple full of new features and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Find in the following sections of tricks for your iPhone or your iPhone 4 running iOS 4, namely that some tips will also work with earlier operating systems .
Sometimes we have a parade or a page on Safari application and it is long to go top. A small space on the screen of the iPhone allows you to return to this famous top in less than two, a simple touch on the Status Bar ( the gray bar at the top of the iPhone.
The wallpaper on the home screen is a new on iOS 4 . Note that this feature does not exist on iPhone 3G iOS 4 and iPod Touch 2G . To add a wallpaper to your springboard , go to Settings -> AVL - > Touch the image - > Choose a wallpaper then click Home Screen. This also works for the screen lock.
For set a benchmark in the Maps application , tap and hold a place card . You will then be possible to obtain a route , share the mark or take advantage of Google Street View .
As on iPad , it is now possible lock the screen orientation but everything happens through the control multitasking unlike the physical button on the tablet . To lock the orientation of your iPhone / iPod Touch double-click the Home button to get the panel multitasking then perform a movement from left to right . Appears then controls the iPod with a lock button , click once to activate and again to deactivate.
The arrival of the iOS 4 also introduces a Zoom in the Camera application. To activate , press the screen to display the new menu and use the slider to control the zoom .
To add documents with extension. pdf on iBooks, and now touch your finger on the link or PDF icon and press Open iBooks.
The pinpoint button hides another : press this button twice to activate the compass in the Maps application and get the direction you go.
For add a website to your springboard, press the plus button at the bottom of your screen and click Add to home screen.

A few Tips for the keyboard to set in Settings the iPhone
  • Double-tap the space bar , and iPhone adds a final titlecase next word .
  • To quickly enter a digit or symbol , tap maintaining the pressure . Then , without lifting a finger , select the desired button . When you will lift a finger , your iPhone will revert to the letter keyboard .
  • Touch a character by maintaining the pressure to display a selection of special characters .
To make screenshot of the screen of your iPhone, Hold Home and Power buttons for 1 second . The image is then saved in your photo library .

To display the number of characters, Go to the Settings and then select the Messages Number of characters .
Finally, put a call on hold since the iPhone 4, for a few seconds to press the Mute button.


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  1. To update to iOS 4 for iPhone, all you need to do is to connect your iPhone or iPod touch with your computer via USB and start iTunes