Thursday, July 15, 2010

Android: Install. Apk

On Android, the easiest way to install an application is of course to go through the Market. However, sometimes we want to install an application from the Android SD. You can not install anything and everything on your phone, applications should be of ". apk. And as it will be an unknown source application for your phone, you must enable the option "unknown sources"in Menu -> Application. You will finally have an installer file. Apk on your phone, such programs can be downloaded via the Market. Personally, I recommend the free application Astro File Manager, you can download from the market, or directly by scanning the code below.

Once these prerequisites done, here's how:
1. Copy the application on your SD card (for convenience, create a new folder where you will put all applications to install)
2. Open the File Manager application Astro
3. Navigate to the folder where you put your application
4. Click on it and choose "Open AppManager"
5. Congratulations, your application is installed!
To avoid losing the place, you can delete the installation file thereafter.

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