Tuesday, July 13, 2010


WebSphere is a brand of IBM. The name generally refers to Websphere application platform " WebSphere Application Server ( WAS ).
Originally, Websphere is a Application Platform Generic covering a range of solutions developed by IBM that develop , deploy and use enterprise applications , even in complex cases involving applications and heterogeneous hardware.
This application platform includes the following:
* A range Application Servers based Java EE and EJB.
The main element of this range is WAS : Websphere APPLICATION Server .
* A range of development tools based mainly on the basis of development Eclipse and language Java.
The main element of this range is WSAD : WebSphere Studio APPLICATION DEvelop , replaced since 2005 by FDR (Rational APPLICATION DEvelop ).
* WebSphere Portal: A range of tools to develop and maintain a corporate portal , while enabling, where appropriate, to include applications used by it , through various interfaces and other integration solutions .
* A range of more specific tools to facilitate the deployment , particularly in the case of complex platforms , as well as monitor and control performance (WebSphere Studio Application Monitor) , security , etc. . We also find among them the Integration Servers, Of Connectors Application and other tools Middleware depending on the scenario , and the degree of heterogeneity of software platforms and hardware to integrate .

Each of the ranges proposed above has several variants each time adapted to the complexity of needs and the size of the company .
In addition, there are also a number of Packages Or software packages called " Ready " , covering a range of generic functional requirements.

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  1. Is anybody how is BEA weblogic for small infrastructure company.