Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Antivirus: which to choose?

Tired of paying for an antivirus? Tired of looking again and again the antivirus that suits your needs? Or worse, you can surf without protection? This article brings together the most powerful free antivirus is for you.
The choice of a virus depends primarily on the use to which it will, and our needs. Whether a home computer, personal or professional needs are not identical and it will not always need to use armored protection. This choice depends on your level of knowledge on the subject, novices prefer to use an antivirus completely autonomous, while connoisseurs will no doubt have his hand placed on the choice of actions that will make the antivirus.
Using family
If your computer is intended to be used by the whole family, it is probably interesting to refer you to a version of 'all in one', and autonomous. If your little toddlers to block access to your favorite software, or worse, allow access to applications bad, imagine the problems! Here are some options available to you:
  • Avast Antivirus:
Solution excellent family, install it and it does the rest. Firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, and many other functions to help you protect your computer, so very accessible. The interface is clear and easy to use, convenient for beginners. Everything is automatic, including updates.
License: Free for noncommercial use
  • AVG Free
Very similar to avast in its functions, the difference lies mainly in the interface a little less ergonomic and accessible to beginners. However, the protection it offers is also very complete and pass the firewall to anti-spam protection without forgetting the local web.
License: Free
  • Microsoft Security Essential
Out there a little over a year, this free antivirus by Microsoft aims to be accessible to all. It offers protection very easy to use. Icon green, all is well, orange or red icon: Beware! This tool is available via the Microsoft Download Center. It protects you from viruses and other malware with ease.
License: Free via the Microsoft Download Center
2. Personal Use
Through personal use, it will depend again on your needs and your knowledge. If you wish to use an antivirus completely autonomous, you will head to the family solutions above. If you would like a protection much more pointed, so you head to the professional solutions below. In either of these solutions, you can add one additional tools offered below, as an anti-spyware, a disinfection tool, or a separate firewall.
3. Professional use
As for professional use, the goal should be optimal protection! Although previous antivirus are quite suitable in the context of a common use of a computer, protect sensitive data may require more comprehensive antivirus. In addition to this you can add to your coverage of one or the other tools that are presented in the following point.
  • Antivir
A very powerful anti-virus, providing extensive protection of various hazards on the Web. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and other are among the appointments. Only drawback, an ad will appear during the updates, but it is worth the effort!

4. Additional tools
To protect sharp, you'll want to equip more specific software, such as anti-spyware, firewall, or a tool for disinfection. These handy software can be used as appropriate on a daily or occasional use. Note however incompatibilities! Install multiple Firewall do you use for example for anything, just overload your computer protection can cause serious slowdowns.
  • Firewall (Firewall)
While most antivirus programs have a direct firewall feature, just like Windows, there are also software specific to that task and do it well, among them:
- Comodo Firewall + Antivirus (Contains also a function Antivirus)
  • Antispyware
Cons spyware increasingly nomnbreux, nothing like a good software specially reinforced to eradicate them! The best known are:
- Spybot Search-and-destroy " (also has a detection module in real time)
- MalwareBytes (also detects most Trojans and rootkits)
- Ad-Aware Free (also has advanced anti-virus)
  • Common sense
How does it make sense? Well yes! Viruses are often not as smart as you might think, and in most cases it is our own fault that they come to infect our computers. Be careful where you click, and where you surf, do not open unknown or suspicious emails, much less their room attached! A strong safety comes first with a little common sense.
To surf, get a good antivirus, navigate with a browser and an updated antivirus. The faults are more numerous on Internet Explorer, if you have not already, I suggest you install Mozilla Firefox, a free browser and more secure.
After installing your new virus, the first thing to do is to update and complete analysis of your computer. In fact, if you already have the virus, they may not be detected directly by the virus. Remember to scan your removable media (USB drive, external drive, etc ...) and scan your computer regularly.
Now that all this is done, the virus had better take, you're good!
Good surf-secure!

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