Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kindle DX : The great e-book from Amazon

Amazon has started and built much of its success on the sale of books , and it is to shape the digital giant continues its adventure. Jeff Bezos , boss unveiled the third generation of Kindle , the tablet can download and store books in digital format and restore them on a black screen and white very good . 275,000 books are now available in this form. At the last count made by Amazon, the books available in two formats were sold at 35 % in their version of Kindle.
The Kindle 3 follows by three months the release of his elder , it was stripped of its forms, it looks like in some respects to a ( very) Wholesale iPod touch. The new "Kindle DX" upmarket and up in size, it is beyond the scope of books to sneak into the hands of readers daily news and backpacks of students filled with thick textbooks. One size XL made in necessary to view better conditions than the first two Kindle news articles or discussion with their lots of graphs , maps , diagrams, pictures and (probably eventually) advertising .

The DX is 2.5 times larger than the Kindle 2 , it still incorporates a keyboard base . It weighs 535 grams and has dimensions of 26.4 x18 , 3x0, 96 cm. Its 9.7 -inch screen (not touch) displays a definition of 1200x824 pixels at 150 dpi and 16 levels of gray . It can display the content in both portrait and landscape with a simple gesture ( it contains an accelerometer as the iPhone) . These more spacious dimensions also limit the actions of zoom or scrolling to every turn .

The storage capacity is 4 GB (3.3 GB actual ) an average of 3500 contained many and varied . Autonomy is announced in four days with the 3G connection enabled (or two weeks without it ). The USB connection to a Mac or PC is optional but can be used to recharge the tablet .

The formats are read PDF , TXT , HTML, DOC , RTF , but also MP3, Audible , and other audio format JPEG , GIF or PNG ... The texts are read aloud by the Kindle and a headphone jack will isolate themselves. The reader will have ample opportunity to annotate the text using the integrated keyboard. Access to Wikipedia is possible for a dedicated browser and a dictionary is present.

Finally , no Wi - Fi network to download books (there is about 1 minute) but a 3G connection that makes the unit completely independent of a computer . Amazon has nevertheless provided the case of use coupled with the iPhone. The latter has the App Store an application compatible with the Kindle eBook (Stanza, bought in late April ). Both devices will be synchronized so that the owner found on one or another of its devices picks up where he left off .

Price ? Not less than $ 489 (367 € ) , and at that price the 3G connection is supported by Amazon . So no need to subscribe to specific wireless communications . No word on a European release , this new model will arrive in the U.S. later this summer. Amazon shows all angles a video.

Pilot Programs
Five universities will start a pilot program in September by equipping students with some of the DX and observe their use compared to traditional textbooks . Three dailies will also participate in a scattering experiment in the camera, the New York Times, Washington Post and The Boston Globe " We will offer subscriptions to Kindle where our print editions are not distributed , "explained Chairman of New York Times . The paper is already available for download for $ 9.99 per month (7.5 € ) , several of his competitors are also available at prices higher or lower . The books are sold for their $ 9.99 share.

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