Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WebSphere Application Server , the foundation of a broader application platform

"Along with our development environment based on Eclipse (WebSphere Studio) , WebSphere Application Server is a central component of our infrastructure platform , "said Jerome Carrasco , Market Manager for WebSphere at IBM. The application server is designed to support the whole range of bricks WebSphere : the portal infrastructure ( WebSphere Portal) or the result of e-business (WebSphere Commerce ) for example".

Known as the WebSphere Application Server Enterprise edition, the most advanced server was renamed IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation to celebrate the release of version 5.1 of the product. Target posted by the publisher : put forward explicitly the role of this variation to respond to advanced projects , including requiring the implementation of functions similar to those of a tool for EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) .

IBM has also benefited from the release of this new version to strengthen the capabilities of the product in terms of orchestrating Web Services. " We now support native language (BPEL for Business Process Execution Language). It allows us to provide a runtime environment based process integration technology of Web Services , capable of using third party components presented in this format,". Then he says: "our environment process modeling ( WebSphere Business Integration Modeler) will soon include this specification in order to ensure the creation of standardized programs.

You will understand . With these new developments , IBM began designing the outlines of an architecture ofBSE (enterprise service bus).

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  1. i m used webshere and it is very nice to run and support all small and big infrastructure.