Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The iPad supports Flash now

Under this is a sensationalist news that should delight some users of the products of the Cupertino company . Indeed, a hacker known as the iPhone name has succeeded in comex bring the Adobe Flash plugin Android directly on iPhone. It must be jailbroken with the tool Spirit (a group that usually provides tools to jailbreak their devices , usually the day after the release of the new firmware) . After installing the small program, he is able to display all content hitherto impossible .
It is therefore very new when we know that many users iPhone / iPad / iPod can not view see flash content and this is very frustrating . Given the cost of equipment and even if we chose knowingly , it is very annoying not being able to see part of the site because it is not handled by the product. This is even more annoying is that Apple's policy not to allow the Adobe Flash plugin in its App Store ( especially since Adobe has a plug ready for several years now) because Steve Jobs says for Adobe Flash is very buggy and it is a source of almost all the worries on their computers .
I will follow this announcement and loan see if the iPhone / iPad / iPod remains stable with the Flash plugin. The system seems to work correctly on the video but good for safety , it is better to wait a few days before installing it on your equipment . What is certain is that if indeed the system remains stable and allows the iPhone / iPad to read Flash content then the jailbreak will be almost mandatory . The user comfort , especially in the phases of surfboards on iPad or iPhone will be clearly improved . On top of that is up to everyone. That is, it simply plug the equipment and click on jailbreak . A few seconds after your device is unlocked .
To see if the plugin is actually planting equipment developed by Apple and s'iil consumes all of the battery ( as announced by the owner of the mark) because otherwise it will perhaps be aware of Steve Jobs that block Flash is perhaps not the best solution ...

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