Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad , iPod Touch from a web page

Despite all attempts to stop the Apple iPhone jailbreak , the hackers always find a way to simplify this procedure. The latter technique is dated simply to achieve a website that is called Jailbreakme.
Until now Spirit was the easiest way to install Cydia" Shop " on its alternative iPhone or iPad. This application for Windows, Mac and Linux could jailbreak your device in minutes.
For its part, requires no download . All you need is to reach this website and drag the button that appears on the screen . A few seconds later, your iPhone will be jailbroken or iPad and Cydia icon will be present on your home screen.
In principle, this technique works with all versions of IOS. However, on my side , has only worked on my iPad . I also have an iPhone 3G that rolls under IOS4 that does not accept this procedure . I remind you that the jailbreak blew warranty .


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  1. As expected, Apple tried its best to stop iUsers from jailbreaking their Apple hardware devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch :-(