Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to use Google Docs from a iPad

For now, the use of Google Docs from a iPad is limited to display your documents on screen . It is impossible to create or modify an existing document. However , most office suites sold for iPad can interact with your Google Docs account .
I suggest three applications that allow you to create, edit and synchronize your text documents and spreadsheets from your iPad and your Google Docs account . What interested me in these applications was only their ability to communicate with Google Docs . I do not consider their compatibility with office suites like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice . A feature of these three applications is that you can associate them with Web services such as Dropbox , and .
Quick office
This is probably the one with the most refined interface , but also one that offers less functionality . Like Office ² HD you can create new folders of documents to be synced to your Google Docs account. About 8 €
These three applications easily connect to one or more accounts Docs . If you regularly use the web office suite , installing one of these applications is a must.
But beware, they are not perfect . Their features are limited to create documents and sync them to your account documents . It is impossible to share or publish documents from your iPad .

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