Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to test Apple IPOD battery

Apple's recommendations to keep strictly to perform a test battery :

1- Download the latest version of iPod software from the site iPod and install it on your iPod .
2- Open iTunes .
3- Import the contents of an audio CD containing songs with an average duration (3 to 8 minutes ) using the MP3 encoder at 160 kbps or AAC encoder at 128 kbit / s. See iTunes : How to choose the import options for further details .
4- Perform a full charge iPod by connecting it to the Apple iPod power adapter or FireWire port or USB to your computer's built using the cable that came with iPod.
5- Open iTunes and update the contents of your iPod with the songs you just imported .
6- Disconnect iPod from your computer . If necessary , click " Eject " before disconnecting .
7- Disconnect the cable from the iPod.
8- IPod shuffle
Drag the cursor over the play setting to turn the iPod shuffle . Press Play .
or other iPod models
Since the iPod 's main menu , click Settings, then click Repeat to activate this feature. If necessary , click the backlight to turn off this feature .
9- Select the album you imported and updated , then select a song to play .
The album should be read again and again until the battery is exhausted.


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  1. Run your iPod on random until the battery dies... I say that's the best battery test out there.