Thursday, August 12, 2010

The signs of a virus infection

  • Your PC is slower than usual .
  • Your internet connection crawls miserably and your internet speed is reduced to a trickle.
  • Your antivirus will not start at Windows startup .
  • Your PC does not respond as usual: some features are disabled , Internet Explorer launches itself , your start page has changed, popups appear at regular intervals ....
One or more of these indices should leave you suspect the presence of a virus or Trojan.
The procedure for disinfection is the following :

Delete unnecessary files from Windows:

The caches of the browsers contain a multitude of temporary files created during your surfing and downloads .
If infected , it is necessary to clean the caches to remove any malware it contains.
The unwanted nest readily in cases reserved for temporary files Windows.
Windows users 98/ME/2000/Vista can use the Disk Cleanup tool to Windows or freeware CCleaner (More efficient , especially if your browser is not Internet Explorer):
Disk Cleanup utility with Windows :
  • Open work station then right click on your system partition. Choose Properties.
  • In the window that opens , click the button Disk Cleanup
  • In the next window , check all the boxes available and click OK .
Disk Cleanup with CCleaner:
  • Install the software . The menu Otions / Advanced uncheck Delete only the files in Windows temp older than 48 hours.
  • The menu Cleaner, Click Start cleaning keeping the boxes checked by default .
Users of Windows XP gain using ATF- Cleaner of Atribune.
  • Download ATF- Cleaner of Atribune on your desktop .
  • Start by double - clicking it .
  • Tab Hand, check Select All ( all boxes will check )
    Then click the button Empty Selected
  • If Firefox is installed on your PC , select the tab Firefox.
    Check all boxes except Firefox Saved Passwords and Select All
    Then click Empty Selected
  • If Opera is installed on your PC , select the tab Opera
    Check all boxes except Opera Saved Passwords and Select All
    Then click Empty Selected
  • Once the temporary files deleted, exit the program by clicking Exit

Virus Scan Online:

The presence of a virus or trojan on your computer may interfere with your Antivirus Me in its operation . That is why it is necessary to Scan Online.
The following scans require the installation of controls ActiveX. They must be launched with Internet Explorer only .
  • The scan line Panda removes viruses but not other malware . It merely indicates their location. You'll need to remove yourself from your hard drive.
  • The scan line Kaspersky shows the location on the hard side but does not delete anything . Again, you remove them .

Remove adware and spyware:

These threats often arrive " gift "with the software " free " download on the net .

If your operating system is Windows 98/ME use the following free software :
  • AD - Aware SE.

If your operating system is Windows XP/2000 instead use AVG Anti-Spyware of Grisoft

If you 're running Windows Vista use Microsoft Windows Defender which is integrated Vista. To date ( 07/06/07) AVG Anti - Spyaware is not yet compatible Vista.

End of disinfection

At this stage of disinfection can
  • Verify that your computer should run normally .
  • If the previous point is satisfactory, repeat scan Panda to ensure that all parties are undesirable . (Report blank near the cookies . )
  • If cons , your PC still showed signs of infection, this means that specific tools to infection should be used to overcome .

Happy surfing !

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