Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to create a bootable key

With Windows Seven and Vista it is very easy to create or even a bootable USB drive to install Windows without the DVD player. Tip practice when the DVD is down, tip necessary for all ministries are not equipped with portable DVD player.

  • Press "Windows " and key " R " same time .
  • In the field write " CMD " click OK.
Suppose the letter " D "is assigned to your DVD player and "G " is your USB drive .
If your letters are different adjust the command line below in your configuration.
  • Put the DVD Seven or Vista in the drive.
  • Type in the command prompt xcopy d : \ *.* / s / g / f g : \. Observe good spaces , better make a copy / pasted by adapting the letters if necessary.
  • Wait for the copy.
Set the bios of the machine which will be installed or repaired Windows to boot from the USB key , the rest will proceed as usual with a DVD .

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