Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mafia II guide

This guide includes:

  • The path of the main adventure

  • The location of the 50 Playboy magazines

    The magazines appear only in certain chapters of the game Fortunately , finishing the game , you can replay chapters if you have forgotten some magazines .

  • You do, you and your unit before an Italian base. Use your M1 Garand to kill the officer on the balcony, and begin your assault. Climb the stairs on the right and then you will witness a number of rebels who are being killed by a machine gun at the door.
    At the end of the shot , move toward the open window to enter. Put yourself then cover , and throw a grenade to kill the officers and destroy the gun.
     Wait until your life back before moving forward, and equip yourself with the armory is right next to you . Once the door was smashed , cover your unit by removing all the Italian officers to clear a passage to the stairs.

    Mafia II

    The Italian army has hostages but even if you save them , then they will be killed by enemy fire.
     Many enemy fire await you on the balcony . Get to cover, then go into the next room . Use the MG42 to kill as many officers as possible before the Italians came from the tank.

    Mafia II
    Mafia II Collector's Edition

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    1. some cheats of mafia-2 are
      Back in Business - Do your first job for Mike Bruski.
      Big Brother - Protect francesca.
      Card Sharp - Find all of the Wanted posters.
      Carnapper - Finish all Car Dealer missions in "Jimmy's Vendetta."
      Chasing the Dragon - Complete chapter 12.
      Checking Out - Complete chapter 10.
      Chop Chop! - Complete chapter 13.

      enjoy the game :-)