Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Free Applications for your iPad

The iPad is now available internationally. One of the first things you'll probably be installing applications on your new device . Obviously, some 200,000 iPhone applications are compatible with its big brother. However , the resolution and especially the display of these applications do not benefit from the size of the screen iPad .
Here is a selection of 10 free applications that are indispensable to me on the iPad .

Evernote has long been one of my favorite applications . This super Web service to synchronize your notes and web content everywhere . Evernote was already available for Mac , PC, iPhone and Android. The version available in French iPad is definitely a must . It will serve as both editor and database for discoveries you make on the Web.

Note to Mac owners . If you do not know Simplenote Velocity and National , it is imperative that you test this application . As its name suggests, is a Simplenote notebook . Unlike the application Ratings iPad ( iPhone ) , Simplenote will automatically synchronize the web, iPhone and your Mac . His features are minimal , but it is extremely effective .
This application is very similar to Simplenote . It automatically saves your notes on the web and your iPhone or Android smartphone . In addition, it allows adding attachments ( photos) , URL links , and recognizes the tags . An excellent application for those who possess both a smartphone and a iPad Android.

Exactly the same application on the iPhone . Very useful for this task when you 're on the move
Here is another of my favorite applications . For those unfamiliar with Dropbox , it is a service that synchronizes your directories and files on multiple computers . If you use this service, you will have access to your files on all your computers . Dropbox for iPad you can view your documents and share with your contacts. is an online storage service which also offers a version iPad . Personally, I prefer Dropbox .
There are currently only two Twitter clients for the iPad . Twitterriffic and Tweetdeck . I do not suggest you Tweetdeck which is slow and has a lot of trouble properly display updates to recent articles . Twitterriffic is the only Twitter client that works well on the iPad .

If you do not know Gowalla roughly this service provides substantially the same functionality as Foursquare . It allows you to share real -time contacts places you frequent. The version of Gowalla iPad is very interesting successful .

One of the best applications of information for the iPad . It provides access to news broadcasts, broadcasts and articles. A function " Map " lets you view and select items on a map.
I suggest you also install the application New York Times and BBC.

IMDB for iPad is a great application for moviegoers . You have access to files of movies , actors and movie trailers. All of which is available in French. Small defect, often switch from landscape to portrait to get additional information on the cards of movies .
Absentees !
Strangely , there is no calculator, voice memos and application of the clock iPad . Application developers obviously offer alternatives.
PCalc Lite
Unlike the iPhone , the iPad has no calculator. PCalc Lite is an excellent alternative.
Voice Memos
Similar to the application of the iPhone, you can record voice memos and sync through iTunes. A limitation on the free version , it is impossible to share notes via email.
Alarm Clock
A clock for your iPad . This is an iPhone application , but it works very well on the iPad .
That, and you what are your favorite free applications on the iPad ?

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