Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clear traces of navigation

The internet cache of Internet Explore contains information collected during your navigation. This information is used by the browser to not reload the page from the server every time you visit.
The navigation is much more rapidly. However , it should not let cover fill indefinitely because :

  • The more cover is  important, more research information is long. This which, ultimately, causes a slowdown navigation.

  • When cover is full, the browser may operate erratically ( unable to save images in . gif                 example).
You can empty the cache  on demand or automatically at the close of Internet Explore.

Clear  cache to the application:
The menu Tools / Options    Internettab General, Click Delete FilesThen in the box dialog that opens , check Delete all offline content LoginThen click OK.This will not delete nor cookies, nor History.

Clear  cache automatically close Internet Explorer:
If you want empty the cache automatically, in the Tools / Options Internet / Advanced tab , check Empty Folder             Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed, click OK

Again cookies and Historical be retained .

Remove  all traces of surfing:
If you want               remove all traces of browsing , you need more   remove cookies andHistorical as  follows:
In Tools / Options Internet /tab General, Click Delete  cookies, Then Clear History.


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