Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chinese copy of the iPad : iPed

A touch pad called " IPED " almost perfect copy of the original, which is a real tobacco in China . The first counterfeit available in all stores in Shenzhen, the Chinese city which would made, ironically, the real iPad . Pictures of the IPED on YouTube show that the gadget could be mistaken for the iPad the giant of Apple. Even packaging , presentation applications virtually identical ... Except the price. IPED is , not surprisingly , cheaper , much cheaper than the true $ 105 against $ 499 . In detail , the system uses the IPED Android developed by Google Contrary to the iPad , which uses elements of the Apple brand . The site specializes in new technologies TECH has assigned this pale copy " was not so bad . " But not enough to worry the giant Apple . The U.S. group has already passed two million copies of his aircraft , surpassing the launch of the iPhone. Apple also has the luxury to dethrone the software giant Microsoft , becoming the second U.S. company in market value , and the third world. Images IPED.

A first copy of Apple's touch pad , dubbed " IPED " is already available in China at discounted price
The counterfeiting of the iPad , filmed by a Japanese TV , closely resembles the original . It runs on the Android system developed by Google and would be equipped with an Intel processor but only costs $ 105 (86 euros ) , when The iPad is $ 499 U.S. and 499 euros in Europe.
Pictures of the IPED on YouTube show the gadget sold in a store of Shenzen where even the packaging resembles that of the iPad .

The site specializes in new technologies TECH, a test of the IPED believes that " counterfeiting is a IPED equipped with Intel and Android, which looks like an Apple product , which is not so bad " . Last week Apple and its Taiwanese supplier of electronic components Foxconn would not confirm or deny rumors that the iPad was manufactured in the great factory in Shenzhen that recently occurred a series of suicides of workers .

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