Monday, September 13, 2010

PS MOVE - Move Playstation

PlayStation The Move is the new controller from Sony. It builds on the technology of the Wii by bringing greater clarity and a more line-up gamer. The PS is composed of the Comptroller Move Move - the magic wand - a camera and a Nunchuk. The games often require dedicated to Move the first controller.

PS Move will sell for 39.99 euros only and Nunchuck to 29.99 euros. The bundle + Camera + PS MOve Sports Champions will he sold at 59.99 euros. Other bundles will come. and for those who would buy a PS3 at that time know that two packs will be available: a 320 GB PS3 pack with Move to 349 euros and a 160 GB PS3 with the pack Move. 
A rounded handle, a smooth surface and a soft ball on the end ... in his tunes sextoy, Playstation Move to surprise many with its original design. Getting started is easy and fast. We feel that the handle of a sword or tennis racket. The Sony controller fits very well in hand thanks to its rounded shape. From the standpoint of size, the Wiimote (included MotionPlus) is comparable to the PS Move is similar in size to one or two centimeters more. Where the difference is the weight that was lost a few grams on the side of Sony. At first sight, nothing to radically change the deal but after one or two hours of play, a controller lighter rises. The matter of the Playstation Move is about fun and it adheres well to the hand. As for the Wii, Sony's technology comes with a strap to prevent incidents of play is stepmother who will be delighted to see her beautiful vase XVI withstand some fierce. 

The stick, Sony, not to be confused with a certain Harry has 8 buttons. There are the usual 4 buttons (cross, triangle, circle and square) Sony controllers arranged in a square on the front. At the center of the square there is the PS button Move. Nintendo surpasses Sony Again by the ergonomics of the key that fits perfectly to the inch. Further down we find the Playstation button which reverts to the console menu when you want. The Start and Select buttons are placed on the right and left side of the controller, perfectly integrated into the design so they are recessed and do not interfere in any way the game the same way, we were surprised by the ease with which we found the buttons on the front. It does not waste his time watching the lever seeking the appropriate button to perform an action. The ergonomics of PS Move easily persuaded by providing a very intuitive system that puts the Wiimote light years away. Remains the crux of the trigger. Unlike Nintendo who chose a rigid key, Sony offers a more flexible and less restricted movement that mimics a real trigger realistically.

But this system would not work without the Playstation Eye and the white ball of PS Move. Let me explain. Once you have connected the camera to your PS3, it quadrille space (about 2.5 meters) in front of your TV with a wide angle. And the white ball is used to identify the controller in this space, thanks in part to its brightness. To have experienced, just hide the ball to avoid being seen by the camera. The system also has some problems with bright rooms that drown the sensor and thereby losing accuracy. Sizing proves accurate and is renewed every time we launch a different game. This step often fails when it comes to connecting the controller to the console, even if it performs the operation correctly. Positive point: the camera does its job and does not take into account the players' actions without controller. 

In addition to some cuts precisely at times, the Move reproduced accurately our actions on the screen. Unlike the Wii just waiting to shake most of the time by the joystick in all directions to "be like" boxers, PS Move asks players to perform realistic actions. Of course, there is always a small lag at times but so small that the impression of playing ping pong "for real" is present. The proof of simulated volleyball provided, it must mimic the true movement of passes to successfully perform a. We can do more realistic. Sony still digs in its difference with Nintendo. The requested level is much higher than for a Wii Sports. The Move is primarily intended for an audience of gamer. A mystery is still not clear on the Nunchuk Sony. What is it? The question remains unanswered because we could not test it. He brings something to the way you play? He will have to wait to judge the brother of Move.

Turning now to the more technical considerations. Sony has studied the Wiimote and it shows. Instead of proposing such a Nintendo controller batteries wear out, the firm has put the PS3 in his wand a battery that charges via USB cable to the console. Practical and economic system that leaves over a period of play consistent enough without needing to recharge. I will not say almost unlimited but in view of the performance of PS Move it applauded the feat. The system is simple to install: the camera connects via USB directly to the console while the Move is connected via the Playstation button located above the start of the game easy as pie.

Dates and prices now. The Sony system is scheduled for Sept. 15 at home. The Americans were entitled to their prices. We. PS Move (the wand) will be sold only at a price of 39.99 euros. The second controller (nunchuk-like) it will be sold at 29.99 euros. A bundle will be available at approximately 59.99 euros. For that price you will have the game Sports Champions, the camera and PS Move. At all events that the Sports Champions are playable with one controller without loss of enjoyment of the game (read the review for more). And for those who have not yet made the step from the PS3, a PS3 bundle Move + + Camera + Sports Champions would be well under their tree at Christmas. Of course, it will cost 349 euros to pay for it with a 320GB PS3. The other bundle with a PS3 with 160GB and Move Starter Pack will be him 299 euros.

 PlayStation Move Controller

  PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

PS3 Move TV Clip 

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