Thursday, September 16, 2010

Corel Video Studio Pro X3, what's new?

Corel has released a new version of the editing software mass-market brand that Video Studio Ulead resumed and progressed. The aim of this software is to take shares in Avid Pinnacle Studio, which seems a bit stalled in the hearts of fans of HD video after being the undisputed champion of a few years ago. What's new Video Studio Pro X3?

Compared to the previous version, this new version of Video Studio 2010 Corel leads mainly from what I saw quickly (running test):

  • - Taking into account the multi-core processors and multithreaded computations.
  • - Consideration of GPU co-processing
  • - The smartrendering (export in native format without conversion to parties not involved in the effects) including AVCHD with 24 Mb / s (only software I know of to propose without the prior preset enabled).These are important points that make the difference for many users of AVCHD video. The battle to win the hearts of fans may be hard for all publishers and the arguments of processing speed will make their way and could well prevail in the end.

    If we add the "smartproxies" (not new but original) that are somewhat equivalent to an intermediate codec for viewing - especially useful for configurations very modest - it is ultimately not beneficial for a lot of consumer software market heavyweights that pretend to despise but many users seem to like the Lair. They tell us themselves if this new version is consistent with their expectations.

    Other new features of a more traditional (new transitions, special effects, export Youtube etc..). The wealth of features is quite impressive and there is any contribution that Corel (major publisher of historical vector drawing software and other software bureatiques) made to the old grind Ulead. Fonts, vector based animation with keyframes etc. .. It takes quite a time to tour the opportunities to customize his amateur film
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