Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 reasons to prefer the Nexus One to the iPhone


Flash Player

Flash has really become a staple of the web, Apple has never deigned to integrate. Recent statements by Steve Jobs make us understand his views on Adobe: "They're lazy!" He said. The wait for HTML 5 and the videos should change things, but rather long term, both the number of sites that use Flash is high.

The Nexus One is available unlocked

Of course, we do not feel very concerned by this point in France, since we can buy and unlock the iPhone to quickly and easily, but this is not the case everywhere.

The removable battery (charger and mini USB)

In case of battery failure, your iPhone becomes a paperweight. With the Nexus One, you can get a replacement battery, or you can always ask around a USB cable - Mini USB and charge your smartphone on a computer.


The version of Mac OS X edited embedded in the iPhone will leave you much choice to personalize your smartphone. Conversely, the Nexus One, you can set up animated wallpapers, themes and lots of cool things like custom ringtones SMS. All this is not available on a non-jailbroken iPhone.

Because it is Google (and not Apple)

And because Google is very popular and very reliable for a bunch of online services. Imagine using Google Voice to call free anywhere! Imagine that the iPhone uses Bing as the default search engine ... Apart from that, attention to privacy (number one complaint against Google).


It will become more important on smartphones. We are talking about true multi-spots, not to listen to music while browsing the Internet.

The camera is better

The camera has a better sensor, certainly, but also a better software that allows access to several settings (white balance, JPEG compression level ...). And in addition, it has a Flash!

External Memory

It may thus have several memory cards (it goes back to the days of Palm and SD-Cards, one for GPS navigation, one for the music ...) Oh ... what time!

Faster, better, louder!

AMOLED screen, microphone background noise cancellation, processor 1GHz ...

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