Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 Noise-Isolating Earphones


A fuller sound - Your music is reproduced with the sharpest details: deep bass, clear highs and all the intermediate sounds.

Fit - Choose from three sizes of ear most comfortable for you.

Noise Reduction - Sound insulation ensures a clear viewing while allowing you to stay in contact with the surrounding world.

 Speakers titanium coating

Enjoy crystal-clear sound and a richer mix with high frequencies that give you more accurate deep bass and clear highs. Find out why Fall Out Boy, The Killers and Leona Lewis are using Ultimate Ears products and benefits offered by these headphones.

Port Custom and comfortable

Three different sizes of earbuds to choose the best suited to your ears.

Sound insulation 16 dB

With only 16 dB of noise isolation, you clearly hear your music without being cut off from the world around you. What is the soundproofing?

Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/ Microphone 

Slim, stylish design.

Compact and stylish with its metallic finish, these headphones fit perfectly discreet and secure in your ears.

Compatible with your player

Your headphones can be used with any device with a 3.5mm jack such as iPod ®, MP3 player or your laptop.

Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/ Microphone 



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