Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AMD Bulldozer: The fightback begins in 2011

Respectively for servers and laptops and desktops, and future architectures Bulldozer Bobcat AMD promises power and low power consumption . Not before 2011.

At the conferences Hot Chips 22 ( of 22 to 24 August , Stanford University) , AMD has lifted the veil on its plans Bobcat and Bulldozer, code names of microarchitectures that will fuel future x86 processors the company, including those derived from the fusion program. The latter is , ultimately, to propose on the same physical chip central processor ( CPU), graphics processor ( GPU ) and memory controller . The result is referred to as the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) and spends the K10 architecture .

To design Bobcat and Bulldozer , AMD started from scratch . In both cases , the Sunnyvale company aims to combine performance with low power consumption. The first is targeted at notebook and compact desktop (and could feed into the list of upcoming Phenom or Athlon ), while the second targets servers and workstations for high performance (future Opteron ? ) .

"To me , Bulldozer and Bobcat are not only two of the best technical achievements rich history of AMD , but two of the largest [projects ] for the industry , is pleased Chekib Akrout , senior vice president and general manager, development AMD's technology . With the CPU and APU made from his heart , we hope to provide users with a new wave of innovation in PC design and performance. "

In fact , the new innovative architectures at several points compared to AMD 's current products . Bulldozer and introduce multi-threading (or more precisely "two strong thread "based on a complete hardware replication for each son to treat education as this is more efficient than the multi -threading Intel) and bear the new generations of instruction sets ( SSE4.1 , SSE4.2 , AVX , and XOP ). New features intelligent management of energy are also by appointment. They will probably be strengthened by etching a 32 -nanometer transistors provided in the new architecture . Finally, Bulldozer is expected to produce 16-core chip . AMD promises that Bulldozer will display the same thermal envelope as Magny - Cours, recent 12 Opteron cores .

Bobcat is characterized by lower energy consumption to 1 Watt per heart, an execution engine out-of -order , pay the SSE instructions (from 1 to 3) and the acceleration for virtualization applications , and provide easily portable design . Especially , the architecture will create Bobcat APU Ontario . Which will be engraved in 32nm and will also support DDR3 memory. What does that say to AMD Bobcat will cover 90 % of the needs of current calculations in silicon area divided by two for a " fraction of consumption . "

The first processors from these two architectures are expected for 2011 , without further details about the period of actual availability . With AMD Bulldozer therefore intends to confront the Xeon 5600 ( Westmere -EP ) and, especially , Xeon 7500 ( Nehalem -EP) from Intel . Bobcat appears to be between the power of Core i7/5/3 and lightness of his eternal rival Atom .

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