Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google search-based Keyword Tool

Google search-based Keyword Tool is a tool for keyword research recently launched (November 2008) by Google rather to users Adwords account holders. Keyword Tool has the peculiarity to interface with your Adwords account.
How it works? This service refers to queries performed on Google that generated traffic to the site analyzed to suggest keywords (one filter will display only the keywords that have not already been purchased from AdWords). Also useful for optimizing the SEO or to make a competitive intelligence and to find targeted keywords that can also serve you!
The system indicates a URL of a possible destination for these new keywords recommended. If you specify one or more terms of office, Keyword Tool then presents related queries that have made visits to the site. A price for each keyword is defined so that the Adwords ad can be the top engine results. Apart from this suggestion in the auction, additional information is provided by the motor for each term: the average monthly volume of research of this word, indicating the level of competition between AdWords advertisers.

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