Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HTC HD2 review in Kuwait

The HTC HD2 is the world's initial Windows Mobile-toting phone with a capacitive screen, and also pack the world's largest mobile phone display too.It's also the original Windows Mobile phone to use HTC's Sense UI, formerly used on the company's Android handsets, bring with it Facebook mixing and direct Twitter access, as well as mask well the operating system lower it.
Running Windows Mobile 6.5, it surely makes use of the all the good bits of the improve, but HTC decides to do its own mania on around 95 per cent of the HD2.

The first thing that most people will notice when option up the HTC HD2 is the sheer size of the screen, which is necessary when you realize it's a whopping 4.3-incher.
The screen dominate the whole front of the phone, feat very close to the edges on moreover side and only leaving room for a speaker at the peak and buttons at the bottom, meaning it's a very nice tablet-style look.

The buttons on the face of the HD2 look like brushed metal, and are satisfactorily rounded and raised, making them easy to hit. There's the standard suspects on offer, with the call and finish keys flanking the home, back and Windows buttons.
Other than that, there's very small else on the HD2 button-wise. On the left-hand side, about half way up, there's a volume up/down key, which is color to the framework. This is actually a little stiff to hit at times, as it's difficult to find it when not looking.

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  1. With a 5" display, the Dell Streak is considered the cell phone with the largest display. I have heard there are several handsets slated for release this month and next that offer a 4.5" display. http://www.dell.com/us/p/mobile-streak/pd