Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dish TV connection in gulf countries

Do you have Viewing problems with some channels of Dish TV in the Morning....... ie  3:00 AM Bahrain Time ( 4:00 AM in UAE ) ( 2:30 pm Bahrain ). Then from the late-afternoon to mid-night these channels are OK. This is because of these 2 faulty Transponders ( 12595 H & 12595 V ). The Signal is weak during the Day for these 2 TP's.

if u complain regards the weak signal in uae, they will block urvc no. and if you remind this to dishtv then they will take any action to avoid signal to middleeast, it better keep quit for middle east user and just watch the game of dishtv, we don’t have any right to ask any question because middle east person are using illegally.
Regarding any problem with dishtv we are here to try to solve the problem, this problem is in middleeast is major problem people with zenega dishtv have problem in this condition they won’t get the signal of 12595 this tp signal will be working at morning and late night only from 1:30 pm IST to 9:30 pm IST wont be working properly, and in KAon receiver signal 12595 will be having proper signal but this tp won’t be searched, this will be missing while searching.

solution for this Zenega: just buy 1/4 spillter from use market or any where you are locate, its only 4.50 fils, and then connect to receiver this will solve your problem if not try to put bigger dish recommend 105 cm and above. This will sure solve your problem, this was the problem when i fixed dishtv to friends house, and believe this method was fine, I also tried to put philip LNB and also humax and eurostar which will be having less noise brake and more Db.

Actually, DISH TV management and operators knows that many people are viewing Dish Tv in the Gulf countries. Though, the DTH guidelines provided by the Indian Broadcasting Ministry, they are supposed to beam only in the Indian Sub-Continent's 6 countries.
Sri Lanka

Even the coverage map shows the DISH TV ( NSS6 ) beam only for these 6 countries. But the Dish Management, knows that many people are viewing in the Gulf Countries. And moreover Dubai, UAE is a major Indian Business Hub for Dish Tv. If they block the Viewing Cards in the Gulf, they will lose Profits.
Though, it is Illegal to renew Subscription for Gulf, but MONEY is the name of the Business Game. I want to ask all Gulf Viewers, that if they know, of any Dish Tv's V Card being blocked. Moreover, Tata Sky is available in the Gulf too. So, we all Dish Tv Gulf users should combine and request for repair/upgrade of the 2 Weak TP's ( 12595 V & 12595 H ).

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  1. Don't search channel or update STB on dish tv in gulf. It may disturb your viewing in gulf. If the epg is updating message is displayed. please wait for an half hour, it may automatically updates. :-)