Thursday, February 24, 2011

Airtel iptv launched in india

Airtel has launch its Digital Television interactive service i.e. IPTV in Delhi, mumbai and banglore. Basically, IPTV services give television channels in the middle of internet broadband connection. Airtel also give users added reward of telephony, entertainment and broadband services which revenue that one connection will serve up as a telephone, broadband internet repair as well as TV.

Airtel’s IPTV comes with the best MPEG4-10 compression technologies which give its customers more content and better quality images as well as a host of extra services like real video on demand, live broadcast television and network-based time shifted television and extra interactive services. These services will be deliver through fibres consisting of copper with advanced ADSL2+ technology which provide broadband connectivity which in turn give customers enhanced digital audio and video quality.Here I review the service and explain the pros and cons of this IPTV service.

Installation- The Airtel IPTV service is not available all over in the country. The installation is a simple half an hour’s process because it is just cabling work where the personnel drills holes in your walls and finally all he cables are neatly tied up.

Setup- The IPTVs setup is alike to that of a broadband internet connection and the supplementary modem is Wi-Fi enabled. Those who have more than two laptops or PCs need not invest additional money for the IPTVs hardware.

Performance and Features - The best part concerning the Airtel IPTV is that it gives less problems than its BSNL and MTNL counterparts. The TV quality remains unchanged by internet usage. It features time shift TV which is very original. There are around 130 channels and its uniqueness is that users can order food at what time enjoying movies on TV. However, the variety in channels is limited. Not all channels are obtainable and the time shift TV works currently only for 16 channels.

Pricing- The setting up and initial cost is Rs.3999 which is one-time payment. There are three plans accessible which customers can decide from according to their requirements. The magic at home plan has a monthly rental of Rs.999 which give 135 channels and 256kbps internet with unlimited download and a landline phone. The second plan is the interactive combo plan which has a monthly rental of Rs.599. Here, consumers get 117 channels; 256kbps internet with 2.5GB of downloads. The last plan is the premium pack having Rs.399 as monthly rentals but only 135 channels are provide and this is only an upgrade for existing landline and broadband users.
Airtel will give a single bill for all their services along with 24×7 customer care. It plans to launched its services in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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