Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quantum Q-Wave A101 Dual SIM

The 10inch Quantum Q-Wave is an Android tablet from BDL, one of the established IT players in the region. With the Q-Wave, we wanted to see if BDL can match its IT sales and marketing prowess with the kind of innovation that makes a tablet stand out in a tight mobility market.


From the get go, the Q-Wave feels like a solidly-built machine, on the heavy side but not bulky. The unit I had in my possession had silver back with a black strip on the top.
The black strip reveals a panel under which the slots for a dual SIM set up and SD card are located. Oddly, the strip is sealed very tight and you have to literally pry open the panel to get to the compartment. The power and volume button are on the right in landscape mode.
One feature I particularly liked was the thin bezel making sure that the Q-Wave is not as wide as others in its class. Interestingly, Quantum has installed a physical “back” button-which acts like a home button on your smartphone-on the top right of the tablet, a unique feature I haven’t seen on any other tab.

Key Specs

The Q-Wave runs on ARM’s Dual-Core Cortex A9 at 1.2GHz with a 3D graphics engine. We would have loved to see quad-core but unless you are a serious graphics-heavy multi-tasker, a dual-core processor is more than enough.
SIM support in tablets is still something of a novelty
, but having a dual SIM on a tablet is truly rare. The dual SIM support GSM and 3G WCDMA-this is one way BDL’s IT marketing comes to play I believe as the company is uniquely aware its products sometimes reach markets in the region where mobile phone standards are varied.
The tablet has very few apps bundled with nothing beyond the major social media and communication apps. Of course with Google Play, all the apps you need are at your fingertips, literally.


The screen is what you can expect from newer tablets, with a 10.1 inch IPS panel, 10 points touch capacitive screen and HD resolution of 1280×800. There’s ample storage for all your media, with 16GB flash storage, extendable through a micro SD Card reader that can support up to 32GB card. The Q-Wave also includes 3D support, according to the manufacturer.
The 6000mAH lithium battery should pull you through your day’s tablet operations with ease. Among the connections is a HDMI port allows you to connect to other external monitors.
Sadly, the cameras are not the most powerful we have seen, even at the entry-level market, with just a 0.3MP at the front and 2.0MP at the back-to put that into context, some new high end brands have 2MP at the front and 8MP at the back. In terms of photo quality, those differences are major-Other features are standard including a 2-Speaker system, Bluetooth, GPS and FM Radio. Among accessories bundled with the unit is a branded leather cover, a well-thought inclusion guaranteeing a suitable case for the Q-Wave.


  1. QUANTUM TABLET Q-WAVE A101 is available in souq dot com....

  2. How is the performance. If any one hav this ?

  3. Yes, I buy somedays ago and i giv this rating 4 star. This available now in middle east. Jordan also.