Monday, July 18, 2011

First Netbook with Google's Chrome browser

The netbook category was created to provide a simple mobile computer that performs marginally Office program, and otherwise serves as a player and Web browser.
Yes, they have these met. However, for the simple purpose of "Web-surfing". The entire Windows infrastructure was dragged along. Only consider: Just surfing the Internet and check e-mails, users had to and must fight viruses and Trojans, Windows updates and join endure boot times. Would that be easier?

It is specifically with the Linux-based OS Chrome Book our Chrome Samsung (series 5 500C21). The user is confronted with nothing more than familiar with the web browser Chrome. Is that enough for a full Web experience? Can Chromebook replace a Windows netbook? All the answers in the test.he look of the Chrome Book focuses on a stylish and minimalist work unit. The areas of the hand rest comfortably touch dull, but leave fingerprints. The same on the white glossy cover with the Chrome logo. The black shiny high gloss bed of keys and the TFT Provide a framework Touch of elegance without overdoing it with the same mirror surfaces. The panel itself is matte.

Touched with two hands, we can Chassis only marginal bend. When the lid is naturally a little easier, but even this is vglw. stiff. The surface of the lid can be dented with only moderate force. An important reason for the stable base unit is the permanently installed battery and the lack of maintenance openings. The CoverHinge moves easily and sits firmly in its moorings. Users only need one hand to open. The maximum pop-angle is around 140 degrees. On bumpy car rides, the lid bounces unfortunately clear.Security is a main theme of the Chrome Book. Unless the user to secure data in the Cloud (Google server and other services) believes he may even lose his Chromebook and no one comes to the data. Once the Chrome Book is properly driven down (not standby) all local data is deleted. There on the 16 GB While SSD is a local file storage, but even that is empty and when we made our Google Account . logout

To uniquely identify the computer that has a Chromebook TPMModule. This hardware-based security (Sandboxing, Verified boat and Verschl├╝ssellung for data cache) is intended to make Chrome interesting books for companies, which the devices as Thin Clients can use.

Viruses and malware on Windows machines are a big issue. Not so for the Chrome book, because users have no way to install software locally. Applications from the Chrome Web Store are not installed locally, but on the Google server. A Google account is required for this course. The Automatic Updates Chrome the OS (approximately every 6 weeks), the system should be not only protected, but also over time become better and better.

The Guest Mode allows users without a Google account to surf the Internet without leaving a trace. By shutting down all cache data is deleted.

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