Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is dishTV HD

Dish truHD brings you grand cinema like viewing experience with a full HD transmission by dishtv. Now enjoy a panoramic 16:9 aspect ratio and a picture quality which is 5 times sharper than along with theatre like stereophonic sound. Dish truHD Set Top Box is designed to interface with your Home Theatre System or directly connect with your HDTV.

DISHTV transmits the programmes using true reproduction of Digital Cinema, Sports or your favorite serials at its world-class HD production facility. All the while, maintaining distinct audio quality with an option of multiple audio preferences.

This Set Top Box is designed for easy connection with plug and play features. Just plug in the HDMI or Optical SPDIF connector to your HDTV or Home Theatre and you are set for an extraordinary audio-video experience. Our HD technicians are available in case you need any assistance.

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